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Toki Toki Time

This song is not in a battle

In old Japan Villages ran on Toki Toki Time , length of days and time at work determined seasonally by available sunlight . They also used Shamisen players to estimate time ,many players blind but they played  songs whilst others worked the fields.A time when our lives were in synch with the movement of seasons the earth Sun and Moon .

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Wow...... great rhythm section, great smooth grove, the drums and bass are superb.
Sunset music - Big chill time.
Love it to bits
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Fascinating concept, brilliantly executed. Beautifully laid back.
#4Yesterday · 12:04 PM
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I like what you have done, the groove, the mood you have set up and the sweet swells.

However I felt myself yearning for a B section with more contrast to the smooth groove you have set well. Having a B section that can take me on a different journey (it can either be more energetic or be rooted in a chill mood) would make the return to what you have now that much more satisfying in my opinion.

Also, if you don't want to position your voice in the centre as is convention, I think having a double, harmony or some other vocal track panned more heavily to the opposite channel (be it constant or some sporadic panning), or maybe even have some instruments panned more to the opposite side as The Beatles had done in the stereo version of Dear Prudence and Mother Nature's Son. The vocals were panned towards the left but several instrument tracks were panned towards the right. Or like I am the Walrus, where the vocals start of being panned more to the left and then it was panned more to the right in the second half.
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