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This song is not in a battle

My tribute to the late Adam West (batman)

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I love the main riff, I was even head banging to it without drums, talking of which, drums & bass would take this track into another dimesion.
RIP Adam West
#3Friday · 01:51 PM
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I thought I was going to get just a jingle, man, but you took it all the way!  Nice work from start to end
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Holy chord progressions Batman! This is pretty cool!  Like Denis said this would he insane filled out with drums and bass.  That said it kinda has a cool vibe on its own.
#5Saturday · 04:30 PM
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This is GREAT!!

You catch the quirkiness of Adam West (R.I.P) so well!!


enter it into battle!!!

Thank You for sharing this with us

Robin Fish
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