#1June 30th, 2015 · 06:35 PM
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Bring Down the Moon
In collaboration with: The Sanctuary Studio

This song is not in a battle

New song- the mandatory love song off the new album

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#2July 2nd, 2015 · 02:47 PM
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Nice song and relatively well produced.
To my ears the harmony vocals are the 'hook' to the song, I would liked to have heard more of them.
You have gentle voice with a lot of mid range, standing closer to the mic will introduce more bass, creating an intimate vibe.  Mics also have their own character - If you had a chance, it would be wise to try out a few to find one that suited your tone.

Good luck with the album!
#3July 12th, 2015 · 03:57 PM
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Bring Down the Moon



love ya    
#4July 13th, 2015 · 06:25 PM
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It's a beautiful song. I agree about having more vocals harmonies since when you first hear them it's past half the song and they do sound great.
I felt like the whole mix was a bit to gentle on the mid range. Maybe "opening" the Eq a bit more would be better.
        > Iz
#5July 14th, 2015 · 12:38 PM
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Bring Down The Moon
This is the first track I have heard from you.
The vocal is good but I have to admit that more harmonies would have been a plus.

I will listen to your other posts to get a better idea of your style, production, and methods.

I'm not going to be too negative because I happened to like this track.
It was fresh and it was mixed very well, Nice gentle vocal combined with this type of music
works very well.

I look forward to listening to your other tracks.  Kudos - Stonyson
#6July 27th, 2015 · 10:51 PM
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Hey Siren long time
Hope life has been treating you kindly. Really enjoy this . Lovely vocal , light melodic & warm . Like the mix of uncluttered instrumentation & mix.Very catchy & appealing all around . Thanks for sharing . 
#7August 4th, 2015 · 06:20 AM
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What a totally lovely song ... as it is.
'Fattening up' such a delicate vocal sounds wrong, but it could do with some more 'body', harmonies, bass some chorus and like Denis says 'more presence'
#8April 8th, 2016 · 05:29 PM
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Lovely..long time? for me to.Nice to hear everybody is going on .Sounds great .70 ies flowerpower kind of.
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