#1April 3rd, 2014 · 08:22 PM
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My Wheels Update
In collaboration with: Denis, kings

This song is not in a battle

Hello my friends CP here.  I've been working hard on this track and think I've finely got it to sound the way I want it to sound.   And would one of you help pen point the genre for this track, to me its Popish but it has a Country Rockish feel.  Maybe make my own called Rocp!

Feed back welcome


People on this track

Vocals= Denis
Lyrics= Kings
Beat= Me

Lyrics Written by Kings
Original Lyrics here http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/42772.html  
Verse One

I dont need a byway
I'm heading down the highway
I'm going down to the falls
Along the east ford four

I've got it ringing in my head
Something that she said
I believe
I dont need any more


My wheels
    are just like yours
I travel this land from shore to shore
My wheels
    are just like yours
Bound to the highway to the hart of the sun



Verse Two

Hey hey Miss American way
You've got something in your eye
You can blink and blush
Your t-shirt crush
The highway is where I ride

Hey hey Miss American way
I heard you had something to say
My dreams are broken
And I'm torn in two
But I know I still love you


All day on the highway
All night on the run
There's no way
  that "it's ok"
That's why I'm riding to the hart of the sun

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#2April 4th, 2014 · 02:25 AM
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Sounds great. I like the arrangement of this version and how the sounds vary in each section making it more interesting.
If I were to critique, the instrumental between the two choruses at the beginning of the song needs more of a build up leading to the chorus, but it still sounds good as it is.
It just so happens I purchased a four year old BMW 525d saloon this week, I could just imagine playing this going down a highway into the heart of the sun.
So what next? Try and get some radio play at your local radio stations - how amazing would that be for folk to listen to your music in their car.
#3April 5th, 2014 · 05:13 PM
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Yep This is nice
Ive heard the track a few times in past ... but this is cool..

send it out there ... like denis suggests local radio is a great starter ... thats what i do ...
good luck

keep on posting

#4April 5th, 2014 · 06:33 PM
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Think you both, I've worked hard on it for the past 6 months or so.  I hope it shows, can't wait till my mentor Marino hears it! I know he'll be proud..
#5May 14th, 2014 · 04:45 AM
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Thanks for the Lyrics!
I have a thing about drum machines... But I'll look past it this time, because I feel that with a real drummer and band back-up this would be a fantastic song, ( minus the 'T-shirt crush') line.
I'm afraid the drum machine lets it down. I'm guilty of this too, but that's why I bought a drum kit and learned how to use it!
#6May 20th, 2014 · 05:45 PM
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I value your option i do think the a "real drummer" would do it justice...  However if you read my profile you would have known that I am PHYSICALLY handicap therefor enabling me to play the drums.  I love making music, and i think i am doing way more then most physically challenged people ever thought of doing.  the reason i do what i do is to inspire others to do more then what "normal" people think they can do.  And change they way "normal" people view persons with disabilities
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