#1September 18th, 2013 · 01:18 AM
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All at once...

This song is not in a battle

Alright, time to let me know what I did wrong; you won't hurt my feelings, this is a learning song.

It's is the first thing I've recorded in my home, on my own, in years. I don't really care about the composition, it was kinda thrown together, but I want to know if I have the capability to record songs I actually care about, and what I should do different (I have the absolutely silly goal of recording a solo CD by December...)

I bought a little midi keyboard and just realized that my effects pedal has USB out, so this is all drum loops, midi, and USB. I plan to buy a USB audio interface and borrow a condenser mic... and make a CD with it? Hmmm?

Time to learn! I'm all ears...

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#2September 18th, 2013 · 04:00 PM
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Hi LeVee
So whats to dislike...

This is a great job ....... so u say it was thrown together .... but I know you spent a lot of time doing this....your song has structure and form .....it changes mood .....tempo ...timbres.... loads of stuff that just tells me you care and didn't throw it together !!! haha

so yep its a learning song

you do have the capability to record songs ... and record them well

i have no idea about the software you use ... whatever is is fine ....

my advice is ..... maybe turn it all down a notch when u listen to it back in the mix and balance it a bit...by trying to hear the backing thru the blazing hot lead guitar.... yep the lead guitar is very nice ... but very in my face ... all the time

A simple first step


balanced Swordfish
#3September 26th, 2013 · 04:05 PM
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thanks man, and yeah, it certainly wasn't thrown together in an afternoon (those turn out better sometimes), but it was put together in bits and pieces over a couple weeks, mostly late at night, recorded line-in so my neighbors don't complain about me... I think it was so time-consuming because it was poorly planned, but I learned a lot.

I thought the guitar was a little loud, but when I listened to it on some real speakers I noticed how loud the lead was (kind of annoyingly loud)! i'll turn it down and see how it all settles in the mix;

I'm glad you like the sound, but next time I'm gonna mic an amp and see if the guitars are appreciably better (I wanna hear that air between the amp and mic! hopefully a fuller sound). I'm gonna record some vox too, so we'll see how the next one turns out... I'll try to make it balanced, I think I'll use volume envelopes throughout so I can control when certain elements come up and down, do you normally do that.

thanks as always Swordfish, keep listening!
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