#1September 15th, 2013 · 10:35 AM
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This song is not in a battle

The good, the bad. The fear of letting go... Knowing it's okay to do so.. Being glad that you were able to love, and will again.... The pain that you feel, but knowing it's for the best and only good will come from it. It's all about balance. This song stirs up so many personal emotions...

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#2September 18th, 2013 · 04:12 PM
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Balance as I hear it
then chords
then tune arrives ...nice
more chords
clever guitar
very clever guitar ... harmonics
repeat chords
more clever guitar

man you are a good guitar player ... no doubt

and you record it well .....
glad u enjoyed your emotions

so did I

#3October 3rd, 2013 · 09:21 PM
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Very nice. I like how the different sections fit together as they transition. There's nothing abrupt about it. the transitions are very organic. This is some very nice playing as well. The delicate chords work well with the solo pieces.
#4January 29th, 2014 · 11:34 AM
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damn, nice guitar work and sound! maybe some vocal or just a catchy guitar-hook/theme to make it complete?
#5January 30th, 2014 · 05:55 PM
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Nice piece
Really like the guitar work and the production is great.
#6February 13th, 2014 · 12:40 PM
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I like it, and I know the emotions involved all too well. I like the optimistic approach to the theme. There's some semblance to early Oldfield and a number of things I recall from my youth, or maybe that's just those emotions being associative. Anyway, well done, this was a really good listen.
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