#1April 15th, 2013 · 07:58 PM
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Of the Storm - unfinished

This song is not in a battle

So this is another track for the album, been working on this one for a while....not finished yet but I'm like just at the cusp of being ready to finalize it and mix the final version. I'm wondering do you think I should add full on drums? Also what about like multiple voices for the chorus? Or just the one vocal track?


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#2April 16th, 2013 · 03:03 AM
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My first instinct is for you to raise the key, just enough so that the lowest vox notes cut through better.
Don't think drums would go, but some light percussion in the chorus.
Experiment with some harmony vox and maybe oohs or aahs in the chorus or a nice stringy sounding pad or similar just enough to fill out the sound.
So yeah experiment and see how it sounds
#3April 18th, 2013 · 03:04 AM
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I´m with Denis about Piano volume (just a bit louder) and adding strings or synthpad.
Some percs might also be nice. If you want to add drums choose a "brush-set". This could work perhaps.
Harm-vox? Yes, do it.

At the end of the song when you play only the gitti, there´s some "white noise" in the background.
Is it the mic or did you level up the mic-input too high ?
Play around with the input level before recording or use some noise reduction tools after recording.

#4April 22nd, 2013 · 02:15 PM
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I really love the atmosphere when the piano comes in after the chorus!

I agree with Denis as well with transposing it up a note or two.  The lower words don't come out as strong melodically like the others Sounding good sir!
#5April 25th, 2013 · 08:50 PM
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This is a great little tune, I can hear it both ways, with some brushes on a snare drum, as well as even more pared down, its the type of tune that works because its well written, and not due to what you do, or don't play on it. Very nicely written.
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