#1March 2nd, 2013 · 04:18 PM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
Kheops - Future Obsession
In collaboration with: Matija Ivankovic, Dino Puric, Marko Kovacevic
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It’s in the battle 2013-03

Finally we recorded vocals for this song. We're planning to go to a professional recording studio (probably this summer) and record 10 songs, so this is still only a demo version of the song.
Btw, I'm working on a new record with my friend Matija Ivankovic (singer, guitarist) from Pozega, Croatia.
We play acoustic rock and blues, soon we'll have our own songs finished, so I'll upload them too.
You can find our demo cover of Black Velvet (Alannah Myles) on youtube, just search for
"The Silvers - Black velvet cover". Thank you very much and greetings from Croatia.

Lyrics of the song have been modified a bit. I hope you'll like it, although it's only a demo. Production: Goran Vedris, Matija Ivankovic.

Future Obsession (Goran Vedris, Dino Puric)
Can you hear me? Can you see the truth inside?
Did I cry?  Did I fly away from you?
Now Iím here

Can you feel me even though Iím not really here
Am I a ghost to you am I someone that you see through?
Like a shadow I am lost inside you

I was here waiting for something complicated
Memories wasted bring back my life obsession be gone

Kheops are:
Dino Puric - lead and back vocals
Marko Kovacevic - drums
Goran Vedris - lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar

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#2March 2nd, 2013 · 05:46 PM
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The music is sounding great!  I know the vocals aren't in an actual studio I think everything sounds great so far Looking forward to the album!
#3March 2nd, 2013 · 05:59 PM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
Thank you very much I'm also looking forward to recording the album I've written some new stuff, more complex and heavier
#4March 3rd, 2013 · 02:43 PM
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Vocals in the chorus are great. The crash cymbal is hit too much. You could put some rides in the guitar solo part.. One can easily hear that you used a sample here. The composition is standard rock tune, nothing new to me. But you have great talent. Just develope your voice a bit and youre a star. At the end I would finish the song with drums like you started at the beginning.

But that's my personal opinion and I guess everything you recorded here was like you wanted it to do.
#5March 3rd, 2013 · 03:04 PM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
thank you, I personally don't think that this is a standard rock tune, but nevermind, that's my opinion thanks for listening This is only a demo version, so the studio version will sound 100 times better
#6March 4th, 2013 · 04:26 PM
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It's very well put together. The instrumentation is top notch, very well played.
If you are after an audience they will want to hear the vocals Shine. Just make sure you don't rely on the studio engineer to make them sound good.  At the end of the day it's all down to your performance on the take - practice like it's a do or die situation and perform the vocal of your life.

Look forward to hearing the final studio mix
#7March 4th, 2013 · 06:23 PM
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Vocal is way too low in the mix, especially in the beginning. It's quite emotional so could be more forwards in the listening sphere. Your voice has a slight Gillan feel.
Very good song.
If it was properly produced it would be a killer rock song
#8March 4th, 2013 · 06:34 PM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
thank you, we will do our very best to make it sound amazing
#9March 5th, 2013 · 06:00 PM
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Very nice.  very 90's and not in a bad way.  Drummer is very dave grouhlish.   Also the solo is pretty unique sounding and doesn't sound like the guitar player took the obvious way out with it.
#10March 6th, 2013 · 04:05 AM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
thank you very much I've played the guitsr solo, (Goran Vedris) and Dino Puric sang the vocals. I'm selftaught guitarist, so that's why you can hear unusual approach to guitar soloing.
#11March 6th, 2013 · 05:19 PM
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really good song  & tight delivery sounds pro
looking forward to the re visit .
Vocals really appealing agree the dave groll / gilmore feel.
Go with it
thanks for posting
#12March 6th, 2013 · 10:34 PM
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United States of America
Its solid for sure man. Keep up the great work!
#13March 7th, 2013 · 07:18 AM
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Croatia (Hrvatska)
once again, thank you all for giving it a listen, I'm really grateful to all of you studio version will knock your socks off
#14March 13th, 2013 · 01:07 PM
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Vocals are noble. Guitar's awesome. I'll vote if I'll see how & where. Good work and good luck, guys!
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