#1February 17th, 2013 · 11:14 PM
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Dead of Winter

This song is not in a battle

Here's a pretty depressing one me and my buddy came up with yesterday.

Up here in Canada we get some pretty crazy snow, and this one reminds me of the times when we have gone up north to our cottage during the winter (it is basically a regular city house with running water and so on, so it has a furnace and everything - winterized or whatever).  It can be pretty desolate though (sometimes encountering whiteouts and stuff on the road up there) and I've had nightmares/dreams of being stuck up north miles away from anybody, or somewhere else like the middle of Quebec, where you can be the only person for miles around.

Brandon Robinson - Guitars
Connor McBrine-Ellis - Guitars / Vocals / Synths


it's falling
from the thick to the dampness

deeper, lost
small shack, fire burns
trees surround

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#2February 17th, 2013 · 11:54 PM
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This style of music is kind of not really typical to my style.   I'm trying to expand out and add some of the music that I've been listening to recently to my compositions and songs.  Stuff like ambient electronic music, techno whatever, Com Truise, other warm analog synth deliciousness, synthpop, you get it.
#3February 18th, 2013 · 12:14 AM
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I like your voice!  It has a very "Jason Lytle" or "Grandaddy" feel to it

I liked the progression and the build up of the track and I think the real highlight is a bit after the 2 minute mark where all the guitars and synths come in.  So far, I think this experiment into the ambient and melancholy is going well and I'd like to hear a few more melodic elements in it Keep it up!
#4February 18th, 2013 · 12:56 AM
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Dang connor that was super sweet! I really enjoyed that track and think you should experiment more with this kind of style. Also (thanks to apple) I've just gotten into Earlimart and Grandaddy and I agree with the vocal similarities. and they are awesome.

really pro sounding mix too by the way
#5February 18th, 2013 · 09:48 AM
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Reminded me of early Black Sabbath!

And I wish i was in a shack with a fire burning......ice fishing!

And, as Kunadiun said......nice mix.

#6February 18th, 2013 · 03:39 PM
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Great creative writing - The build up was a bit too slow for me first time round, but the second time round it seemed OK
The vocals could do with a bit of EQing, I struggled to make out what you was saying.
I would like to hear a thick pad coming in as it builds, or even a Hammond, but that would make it more classic, which is what your not trying to achieve.....hmmmm.
I feel it need to break into a wild free flowing solo with real drums, but the tempo may be too slow for that, unless you double the tempo, that might work.

Interesting piece, has endless possibilities fueled with some vivid wild imagination.
#7February 19th, 2013 · 09:15 PM
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thanks everybody for the feedback.

I wrote up a response that took me 5 minutes but then firefox decided to log me out of the site and then I got super frustrated and asdgl;hiegliahegs


never heard of Grandaddy before, thanks for the comparison there, they sound awesome from what I just looked up.

Thanks craig!  Yeah I am loving the electronica /synthy stuff.  I like the mix personally because it's muddy but it's also clean.  I dunno.  It's alright I guess.

martha --- Yeah sabbath definitely has that cool 'ploddy' style that I was sort of going for here.  I love Warning personally!

denis -- I see what you mean about the build-up.  Originally I wanted this to be like 6 minutes because there are a couple artists that I listen to that can take one idea and stretch it out into like 10 minutes of awesomeness.  I'm just not there yet.

I did  think about adding actual drums but honestly I like the simplicity and the fact that the drums keep it grounded without having any actual melody with harmonic guitar solo type stuff making it interesting.

Thanks everybody!
#8March 13th, 2013 · 12:49 PM
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Guitar's sometimes erratic . Dead of winter need life of spring. Interesting.
#9March 30th, 2013 · 01:36 PM
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Then the sun creeps above the horizon and we feel much better now. I liked this. Captured the wintery feel and imagery well.  Nice. Liked your story too.
#10June 7th, 2013 · 07:15 PM
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Radioheadesq, in a good. definitely depressing sounding.  The synth is another nice touch.  Good job.
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