#1January 9th, 2013 · 05:29 PM
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Puerto Rico

This song is not in a battle

1st song from my upcoming acoustic fingerstyle project...

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#2January 10th, 2013 · 02:06 AM
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United Kingdom
You know I like this style from you - this sound and feel is the 'M' sound, I would recognise it instantly.
I could not help but imagine Lisa's vocals on this.
Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, look forward to hearing the rest of the project.
#3January 11th, 2013 · 03:57 AM
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It sounds like you were having fun playing that, especially towards the end. Like Denis, I wanna hear the rest of the project.
#4January 12th, 2013 · 04:53 PM
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United Kingdom
re: Acustica
Marino wrote…
1st song from my upcoming acoustic fingerstyle project...

Happy New Year Marino...

This is Great finger style playing .... beautifully recorded...

look forward to the rest of the project ..

#5January 29th, 2013 · 06:09 AM
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Too cool ahh the feel the skill oo and little anticipate finale.
Not a bad recording either   

hey love the shots of the house you may have just found heaven

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