#1September 21st, 2012 · 06:22 PM
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down in a hole

This song is not in a battle

same song, with a few tweeks on it. hope this helps.

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#2September 23rd, 2012 · 03:33 AM
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You got a pretty rough, bluesy voice, I like it.
This ditty has some potential for improvements :
there are some timing issues to fix
there are some EQ issues to fix. ( bass needs a bit "balls")
there are some dynamics issues to fix. (use compressor for "equalising"/"harmonising" the loundness of all individual tracks and hence the entire stereo-mix.

waiting for the next step of evolution

#3September 23rd, 2012 · 04:00 AM
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I like the song, as already mentioned like your bluesy vocal tone. The vox does go out of tune in parts, just need to practice.

I'd work on the rhythm guitar a bit, sometimes it don't flow with the Bass line - the Bass is actually holding the rhythm quite well, so perhaps keep the guitar rhythm more simple - I'd play along to the vocal and bass until you find a nice rhythm.

If you need any help with production, let us know what your set-up is.

Anyway for a ditty it sure put a smile on my face - it as a nice raw vib.
#4September 23rd, 2012 · 05:01 PM
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I like your song writing. The recording can be improved as suggested. I think some percussion would bring it to another level and make it sound more solid. even something simple would do for now? It has the essence of a good bluesy number 
#5September 24th, 2012 · 09:58 PM
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thank you
Thank you all for the kind words. I am still trying to catch my rhythm in the recording part, as I have never played with a multi-track recording system before, and I have little to no gear. At the moment I'm using a M-Audio interface and Audacity recording programme. I dont have an EQ yet or a pre-amp, so I am using my Carvin Sx-200 as a preamp for the vox and guitar, and the bass is simply plugged directly into the interface. I will continue to practice the rhythm and the vox. thank you all again!
#6September 25th, 2012 · 01:44 AM
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Minor timing issues here and there, but overall that was great!  I really like the lyrics   Blues is a genre I've always enjoyed but I can't seem to wrap my brain around it!
#7September 25th, 2012 · 03:50 PM
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lovely song, everything being said,
the solo guitar could be recorded better with a mic in front of that amp maybe?
Unless you aimed for this direct in sound :p
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