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Hello everyone!

Been working on this tune for the last 3 days and it's been pretty fun!  The track is called "Starbortorium" ... Like, a Arbortorium/Arboretum.  My inspiration for this track was the idea of a person exploring a forest on a distant planet.  It's exciting, mysterious, dangerous, and in the end, triumphant. 

This track will be part of my new Bit Bit Orunge EP that I'm trying to record over the next 2 months and release it some time in November/December.  It's what I'm doing in between recording for Undercover Apple   Cheers!  Hope you like it!

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#2September 17th, 2012 · 10:22 AM
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I would like to offer that this is a very complex and great sounding piece. I have to add that I know little about this type of music. I'm not sure about the rules with this music, but to my sensibilities I was longing for a break from the main key-line. It was busy and sliding and amazing (no clue how you did it) but I longed for space, where I could grasp the back ground.

If you will, I long to break away from the explorer of this planet and just take in the trees, creaks and flowers, and then get back to the march and exploration. This feeling set in at 2:10 - after the flashes of sound. If you can add to the length of this song by inserting some bars of background I believe this will add depth.

Good luck with the EP.
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very dynamic. some awesome melody runs, I'm guessing they're not live keys being played, think even Rick Wakeman would have trouble with some of that.... I agree that adding a bit of a break from the effects laden synth sound might benefit the track. It is a little full on. But very good none the less. My favourite part was probs when the strings became a bit more audible around 2.35... A small part, I know, but I liked it and maybe you could make more use of these strings to create that break. Nice musical journey.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for listening guys!

I actually agree with both you of about the lead synth.  Listening to this in the car, I really felt out of breath listening to it.  I imagined the square lead to be like a flute and it definitely needs to space

I will tinker around with it before it goes on the EP   Thanks guys!

As for the lead synth, most of the melody used trills synced with an LFO on the filter cut (I've been listening to a LOT of Celtic music haha).  So if the melody were to play G#3, A#3, C4 - I would use 1/32 or 1/64 notes before I landed on C4 - G#3, A#3, (C4/D4/A#3) C4.  I don't really know how to formally describe it but that's the best I could do lol.  Just raped notes in between major parts of the melody. 

Thanks again guys!
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Interesting melange again. Irish-8-bit-soundtrack...........or 8-bit-celtic-orchestral...???   .................dunno
YouŽre showing a lot of compositional talent, tons of ideas and a great technical performance.

Your musical roots (8 bit/ video game music) are clearly audible, but I think thereŽs also a kind of danger when using always same sounds / styles.  After listening some of your tracks this kind of sound becomes a bit sterile, repetetive...............and hence ........boring.
IŽd say that you should leave the "8-bit-rail" ( for a while) and expand your tonal spectrum and experiment with other (unfamiliar) sounds. That could lift up your talent and your skills to a further dimension.

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Really enjoying the feel 3/4 overall and the sounds are just great it just rolls along so smoothly.
Excellent dynamics and under swirls very transporting  with variations too really beautiful work mate , just listening to the raped notes in between , they add flow I think you achieved a 'mikan' moment re celtic , flute sound may take it up a notch.

"a person exploring a forest on a distant planet.  It's exciting, mysterious, dangerous, and in the end, triumphant. "

You nailed it

Once again top stuff enjoying very much
thanks for posting.
& happy tinkering

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That was a near epic journey .... yes you do need to catch your breath at the end there.
Really like the 'triumphance' it works up to .... it is on the whole a bit short, as suggested maybe a 'reflective' part somewhere in the middle .... it might humanize it, seeing as being reflective and looking at things in a different perspective is one of the very human faculties that make us.

Love the rolling arpeggio synth ... picking up on an ULI point .... could you not experiment with other sounds / samples under your midi hits, instead of the very 8bit video sounds you have now ...  I can imagine this arrangement being amazing with say a 'real piano' sample doing all that rolling around.

Excellent creation just the same, fresh and exciting, ... even enthralling,  thoroughly enjoyed, cheers
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Once again, thanks for listening everyone!

ULI, I definitely know what you mean   I do stay in my little genres, though Bit Bit Orunge and Undercover Apple are the homes for this genre that I enjoy so much.  Maybe I should start sharing more of my acoustic singer/songwriter poetry and other work.  I don't nearly spend as much time on those recordings because its more of a personal song diary.  Thanks!

Yokoinc, I absolutely love 3/4!  I don't hear too many synth heavy tracks in 3/4, but if you know of any, send me a link

Kings, always glad to have you listen!
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