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Thatīs a pretty atmospheric, simple 2-chord-piece (infuenced by U2 ?, Simple Minds ?).
Using that simple gear as you did here results in a special, authentic, individual and  rough  piece.
Only thing to criticize is the lack of chord changes. After a while I was expecting something different to loosen up the structure. But I think itīs hard to compose and record a complex track "on the road" as a "journey man" as you are.
So you can be proud of this piece coz it makes me closing my eyes and travelling with you. Thatīs what itīs about , I guess.

#3August 20th, 2012 · 05:19 PM
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Love the sound of the drums, very strong dynamic - how and with what were they recorded.
A pro told me if the music is liked you have a chance - so you just gotta get it there, it's as simple as that. Get it out to people who like this genre and they will tell you if they like it.  The other thing is that you may have to produce hundreds of songs before you nail it, or you may have the Midas touch and make it sooner.

Generally people like to hear vocals, the quality of the vocal is the magic ingredient, if you don't have it, find one amongst your travels.

Like ULI said it has a U2 feel or more to the point a great live feel.  Two chords can work so long as you have variety or great rhythm or both.

I like it
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First of all ... that's one of the best song intros I've read .... wonderful reading about what you're up to.
And just listening ... no comment except that I'm one of those who is out there and really liking your work.

So you've posted pics on facebook ? Have you made a youTube film/tutorial/demonstration of what you've done with the power packs?

I've made a transformer with multi voltages from a pc power unit ... watched it all on youTube.
My latest project has been a QEV (Quick Emission Valve ), which is what you need to make an air gun/cannon ..... lol , soaked it all up on youTube ... dived into the shed, 4th version works like a dream     Been popping marbles 250m across a field ... damn thing is lethal !   All in the name of creativity.

As long as you can be creative, feel fulfilled in what you do and be happy then it all sound good to me.
I still think listening is the most important part .... then you can hear.

Dont know if this needs vocals ... you say it so well anyway .... though 'some' vocals would articulate it further   

blessed be
#5August 21st, 2012 · 05:24 PM
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Got my headphones on now ... this is blowing me away .. it's so driven and tight.
Delicious sounds perfectly places and all coming through so clear.
... Aaa! Your an animal ..... what a totally superb creation
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Listened again through headphones - them drums a definately real - you've got a phil collins touch - superb
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This is really nice... just needed some strong poppy vocals in there really! Get yourself a vocalist and get jamming!
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Lola by the Kinks .... fits perfectly  
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Wow, man! This is amazing. I personally love the production, there are some flaws but overall it sounds fantastic. The drums are amazing. And about your dream, I say go for it. From what you've written in the description, I see that you love music with all your heart and that's the most important ingredient in becoming successful  - you have to love what you do. If you're having fun making it, I don't think you'll ever regret it. This stuff has a lot of potential. I love instrumental music, so I'd listen to this without any ranting, but I guess the casual listener would appreciate it way more if there were any vocals. There are many ways to get noticed these days with the internet and everything, but have to do your best, because everyone has that possibility. A great tip that I've heard from a pro was this - collaborate! It opens many doors and is very beneficial. Find like minded people and begin taking steps to achieve your goals. Best of luck to you buddy!
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A reply
Thanks for listening and commenting on my song. Funny, I too have taken a hiatus from Bandamp, but not from music. Since the last time I posted here, I had a second kid, moved and just put him in Kindergarten.
6 plus years

 First, I am way curious how you got what I will call explosions of depth in your song. I'm referring specifically to the expansions of deeper tones and clarity such as occur at about 1:36. I'm also curious to know what software you are using (if any) to record to.   What is your board? etc.

Also, thanks for sharing the bit about your gear using 12v. It is always enlightening to hear about experiments outside the norm for achieving great sound.


I totally get the frame of mind you painted about career choice. I have and always will create music. I can't help it. But I was turned off by those who seemed to just be in it for the fame or groupies.  I tried my hand at recording others, and that has always been a great experience. But there is no comparison to creating music with another person.  If you can pull off the live shows, I believe people can tell the difference between a poser and a creator. The trick is to find someone fantastic to work with - that they do something great - and then make it so you leave room for creation on stage.

Great stuff and thanks for pulling me back to band amp. Heck, maybe I'll even post something new. Like you indicated about yourself, my style has changed.
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