#1January 11th, 2012 · 10:23 AM
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This song is not in a battle

I know I've been away for a long time... Too long actually! I know there's no excuse, but I've been busy making children.. :P
But I'm back, and I'm here to stay!!!

This is a little tune I recorded about 6 months ago.
And please stay tuned, 'cause there's more to come!

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#2January 11th, 2012 · 01:51 PM
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nice, cheerfull :p
why does it stop suddenly?
i liked it..
#3January 11th, 2012 · 02:22 PM
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United Kingdom
Welcome back Kine, so how many babies did you make..
Your voice is distinctive, I like your simplistic approach.

Nice song, your vox are great with the exception of it going out of tune in some parts.

#4January 12th, 2012 · 02:27 PM
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Puerto Rico
Congrats on the baby making...Nice voice and super sweet chord selection..me likes!!! Welcome back!!! Oh yeah Happy belated birthday!!!
#5January 14th, 2012 · 06:17 PM
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United States of America
very pretty and simple. Really enjoyed the faint harmonies there. Its almost too short. I wanted to hear more!
#6January 14th, 2012 · 11:08 PM
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Very nice. Relaxing and pretty. I also enjoyed the harmonies.

It reminded me a little bit of some of the slower acoustic tunes off of 'melancholy and the infinite sadness' but I could be misremembering that album as it has been a while. Either way, happy vibes from this song. Thanks for sharing.
#7January 16th, 2012 · 02:10 PM
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Ah that beautiful Kine melancholy is back! Makes me happily sad and glad like melancholy is supposed to.

I love the ethereal choir thing you put in there.

Nice to see you again!
#8January 22nd, 2012 · 04:02 PM
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United States of America
I'm relatively new here, and it seems like people missed you. After hearing this I can see why

I love the choir as well it fits with the overall mood. Awesome stuff Hope to see more from you in the future.
#9February 14th, 2012 · 03:44 AM
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Thanks for the feedback guys. 

I know it's a bit short... I wrote the lyrics after recording the guitar, so this wasn't really meant to be a song. 
#10February 21st, 2012 · 08:19 PM
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United States of America
The main vocal part seems distant, was this on purpose?
#11February 22nd, 2012 · 03:51 AM
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Hey, great music.....
We also aspect some more like this from you......
& welcome back.......

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