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Concert Arrangement (TG)

This song is not in a battle

The official title is "Concert Arrangement Testing Grounds". It was originally two songs, Concert Arrangement and Testing Grounds, but I glued them both together because I didn't want to continue writing either. The ending is probably one of the worst I've made, but hey at least I 'finished', in contrast to my other experiments...

If you haven't started playing the song already, it sounds quite childish... and rightly so, because it was written back in '06 I think? I was around 12-13, can't really do the math right now.

It was my first "big song" ever, I began to write it ever since I figured out how to input chords into Noteworthy Composer.

I recently dug up the MIDI file and ran it through some VSTs on Cubase. Setting all the tempo changes took me about an hour, it was ridiculous (NWC could export tempo, but it wasn't recognized by Cubase).

Oh well, here it is, hope you enjoy this fun-filled MIDI adventure through my childhood!


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Hey this is really good considering you was around 13yrs when you wrote it.

I could actually see the music in a modern cartoon movie, it has a nice Christmas spirit feel to it and adventourous at the same time, so perhaps a childrens adventure Chritmas movie.
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