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Explore, Be Curious

This song is not in a battle

This was a collaboration, of sorts, between Ben Sharp (aka Cloudkicker) and myself. Ben wrote this song, performed the instrumentation, and I asked him if he would allow me to add vocals to it. (I've listened to his music for a while now. I really enjoy it.) Anyway, he was kind enough to so "go for it" and I think it turned out pretty well. Just thought I'd share something a little different with you folks.

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#2December 13th, 2011 · 11:52 PM
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Lyrics, for those of you who like them:

Peeking through your fingers, have a look around.
You were born to search and find what can be found.
Here, in this place.
Nervous child reaction.
Barely in control.
Such a young mistake that you'd assume a chastened pose.

Explore these grounds.
Be curious, not ashamed.
Don't be afraid to know the place you stand.
Explore yourself.
Be curious.
No one here knows everything.
Your body's just another ground.

Growing up in silence,
Wandering through the aisles
Sitting in the corners trying not to shine.
You hide your light.
Searching through the waters of your teenage mind.
Rifling through their answers you may find them all to be inferior.

Explore these grounds.
Be curious.
Explore yourself.

You're more than just a candle that generates a light.
You are something beautiful.
Do not fear your mind.
These thoughts are only natural.
#3December 14th, 2011 · 01:42 PM
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The vocals are great, like how they weave in and out. The end is interesting, but IMHO needs work, the part where the volume lowers needs to either come in about a minute before the end, then perhaps slowly build up, or have maximum volume with all instruments being the loudest part of the whole song.
I don't like the drum pattern, it doesn't flow, it's not rhythmic with the song if you know what I mean, hard to get into.

I'd like to hear the Bass more heavy too.

Hope you take this as constructive criticism 
#4December 14th, 2011 · 01:49 PM
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Denis wrote…
Hope you take this as constructive criticism


Unfortunately, the lyrics and vocals are the only part of this collab which I contributed/control, still, your feedback is always valued Denis.

#5December 15th, 2011 · 05:01 AM
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lovely spooky in a way
great job on vox as always!
i like the drums btw
#6December 17th, 2011 · 07:42 PM
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This tension you guys developed. increased and kept the whole song is remarkable.  Love the interwoven structure of vox, gits and drums. Has so much 70s appeal. 
Apropos drums : I think (personally) that big, fat, mighty and powerful drums (toms) à la Peter Gabriel´s ex-drummer Manu Katché might suit better.  Just a challenge.

#7December 17th, 2011 · 10:53 PM
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Heard this a few times and I gotta say your compositions and arrangements are awesome!!! I  wouldn't be able to give you good advice as you seem to have a lot of stuff under control so prolly is best if I just listen..Tx for sharing amigo!!!
#8December 19th, 2011 · 10:09 AM
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As always, thanks MaxdB, ULI, and Marino for the recommendations and kind words.
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