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This song is not in a battle

Finished product of the demo I posted a couple of weeks ago.
Really happy with the ending. Vocal melodies and guitar.. but mostly the lyrics.
Feedback on the mix is always welcome.
Hope you fellas (and ladies) enjoy!


Just repeat what they say to me.
Assume I'll automatically agree, and I-
You expect I'll nod my head,
Or shut-up if I don't agree with
We love inventing our dichotomies
Who gives a shit about reality-
When he who talks the loudest is considered right.

Again it goes, and again you downplay,
Anything that doesn't work to your advantage.
Again it goes, and again you hide your true face.
And our concerns, fade onto the second page.

Deny my credibility and tear me all to pieces
I am all alone and I don't have the resources
To play your games~
To debate this way.
Time is on your side.
You can weather this storm, (and be here long after)
I have blown away
Starved or defeated by every day things.

Again it goes, and again you downplay,
What we say, when it goes against your message.
Again it goes, and again you take everything.
Increase the gap that lies between us.

Don't pretend to sympathize.
When this is just the way you wanted things to be.
You talk out both sides of your mouth.
If you really wanted this to change,
This would be over.
Shut up don't deny it we know better.

America, America.
My country, 'tis of thee,
Land of dichotomy,
Of thee I sing.

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#2October 18th, 2011 · 12:54 PM
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Great stuff dude, love the tone on everything, smooth vox.
I think the guitars are a little too loud, would like the drums and vox to cut through better.
The last chord is AWESOME
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