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"Can't Walk A Blind Line_V3

This song is not in a battle

Sorry to keep posting this song. This is the 3rd and final cut. I panned and did some EQ'n..etc...Hope this is enjoyable to listen too..Thanks for all of the suggestion's and advice that was giving to me from fellow Amper's !!


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#2June 10th, 2011 · 03:37 AM
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Now you´ve generated a larger stage.  Mix is bit clearer now, but drums sound still choked. . Needs more volume and compression.
Did you use reverb here or a delay ? If you can reduce reverb/delay on the git, do it. On vox it´s fine.
You see, the mixingjobs are more complicated than one may think. If you adjust something it has influence on all the rest of a song.
My tip for every selfproducing musician is this:
Approximate in small steps to your desired result.
Dont´only use headphones. Use ya hifi-system, too.
Take time to listen.
Take a few days, cuz every day you listen it sounds different to you (good days, bad days; different conditions, different moods). Usually after a few days one has eliminated all the deficits, bits and inproper elements of a recording .
it´s a long way to tipparary

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77 threads / 45 songs
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You, my friend, have a good ear.
I did a delay for re verb
I was hesitant bout' compressing the drums...I didn't want to over process
I do use headphones as well as my hifi-system...
I take time also. I listen to a song that I'm working on so much that I get sick of hearing it.lol
You're so right. The next day the song sounds different. I notice different things when I give it a rest until the next day.

(good days, bad days; different conditions, different moods)

I use to try and do everything in one day when I first started recording. From start to finish. I've got away from that. Now, I spend day's, if not weeks to complete a project. It's best this way, for myself at least...
I really appreciate all of your input, ULI....
Looking forward to our collaboration....Check your message's
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