#1February 14th, 2011 · 05:39 AM
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Forever Young

This song is not in a battle

by Bob Dylan, recorded by me, guitar and harmonica, jack :-)

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#2February 14th, 2011 · 06:26 PM
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Very nice recording...clear, love it...... the harmonica hit me for six !! But I suppose it's meant to.
I've said in the past that I like your Italian stuff better but this one I really like....accent and all....a really chilled out rendition.
Thanks for sharing ..... enjoyed a lot.
#3February 21st, 2011 · 05:04 PM
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I like Bob.... this is a great song, and you made a nice version of it. The harmonica sent chills down my spine but hey that's what Bobs own work does for me too. So, good job!
#4February 21st, 2011 · 08:22 PM
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re: Forever Young
jackcat wrote…
by Bob Dylan, recorded by me, guitar and harmonica, jack :-)

great version ......... and well recorded pass at the mike...
cool .........
love the m-organ
nice one

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