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Tammurriata di Jonathan 5

This song is not in a battle

Di Jonathan 50

N’allucco mieza a via Dm
Na voce e nu lamiento Gm
O Niro, o ghianco o marocchino A7 Dm
O mericano o turco e l’africano A7 Dm
S’ammescano cu’ sta musica C    A7    Dm
Ca saglie, cu l’addore e mare Gm A7 Dm

Nu mare scuro, ‘ntussecuso
Comme l’anema e sta gente
Ca s’arrubba ogni juorno a vita
Nascosa ca fatica pe viche stritt,
dnt’ e vasch c’addorene e miseria

O niro o ghianco o marocchino
O mericano o turco e pure l’africano
S’ammescano inzieme cu’ sta musica
Ca saglie o cielo cu l’addore e mare
Nu mare ntussecuso e niro
Ca parla de tempeste e dint’ o core

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#2November 21st, 2010 · 03:03 PM
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It´s hard to comment ´cause I can´t understand the lyrics.
Seems to be be good , old and classical italian songwriting .
Reminds me a bit to "zucchero"´s voice .
Recording quality could  be better , imo
U . L . I .
#3November 22nd, 2010 · 04:44 PM
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United Kingdom
I'd have liked the guitar to come out more, maybe what ULI is on about with a better recording.
I always love your stuff, so chilled and from the hart.
Thanks for posting
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