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A Hole In The Sky

This song is not in a battle

I'm back .
Genre: Heavy/Death Metal
After been absent so long I thought I should catch up with some of the stuff I've recorded.
After years of playing keyboard, 5 months ago I pick up an old guitar I had and started learning and playing with it some metal songs. This is the result of 5 months of playing guitar every day.

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           .......... I hear them.

Keep practicing, you can only get better from here!

Very skilled guitar playing - ever tried finger tapping? Another suggestion would be to add a solo guitar in some parts, because you don't have a vocalist. The transitions sound great and the synths were especially awesome.

My favourite part has definitely got to be the voices and the string synths.

The guitar effect at 3:37 is another highlight for me.

After listening to some of your songs from the past, I can definitely tell you that you've improved a LOT!

Great work!

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