#1August 6th, 2010 · 08:53 AM
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Please vote for this song !
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It’s in the battle 2010-10

Just wanted to share something with you guys.

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#2September 10th, 2010 · 04:15 PM
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Fine guitar playing.
But the most time it´s difficult for me to hear your vox & lyrics.
Next, when you´re singin´loud vox becomes too loud & is clipping on my speakers / phones. :
Pay attention on the input-level !!
I´m sure, you´ll gonna improve your recording / mixing jobs, cause the members in this forum are very friendly & helpfully.
Keep it on ! 
#3September 21st, 2010 · 05:40 PM
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Puerto Rico
Nice chord selection....A bit more work on the recording of the vox but as a work in progress its great.You have great ideas.
#4October 7th, 2010 · 06:12 AM
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United Kingdom
Sounds great just have to agree with the otheres and say u just need to work on your mixing skills. Other than that it sounds pretty gd. Keep the gd work up
#5October 28th, 2010 · 07:32 PM
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Just an exasperated constructive criticism...
I am still trying to figure out exactly what is going on at 1:40, and throughout...    in the background.  Seriously sounds like kids and some dishes lol.

No matter.  I am a little frustrated to be honest about the feeling of the community over the last year or so.  I love the members here but it almost seems like it is moving away from being about the song and more about the production.  Added to which it seems, to me anyway, almost as if the community is becoming more uni dimensional, artistically.  As if the preference for what constitutes good/great music relies on the type of generation and the subsequent production value of it. 

This is easily one of the best songs I have heard on here:  ever.  Music is an expression, it does not have to be recorded in a studio, the artist does not need anything more than a mic, hard lined into a computer to share it.  I am almost livid that a song with this much insane quality has more attention directed toward it's production quality than its creative merits.  Again, just my opinion here.

I remember old original CCR recordings, Hendrix, Janis Joplin even Barry McGuire.  This work is far more reminiscent of that quality of production than the typically lauded variety.  The word for this type of musical expression is, perhaps, RAW, which has its own merits and drawbacks as every other type of music on here.  This is the foundation of what rock music was, not pop, not alternative pop, but old school rock.

This song is great; as a song, as an expression, as a creative device.  I feel something because of it, I think I feel what you felt performing it, and THAT is what music is supposed to be.  Kudos, I like pretty much all of your stuff, but this is beyond man.  You get my vote for sure, and a hundred more if I had 'em to give:  I believe that this raw emotive expression is is just as crucial to the future validity of Bandamp as any other type.  Truthfully, this kind of expressive quality, regardless of genre, is the only reason I am still here, so I can listen.

 PS, mind emailing me a copy of this, as is.  I would really appreciate it, as it is not available for download. 
Let the pummeling begin
#6April 25th, 2015 · 07:56 AM
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Wow man thx Silver it means a lot when you put yourself out there and someone connects with it.

Cheers bro you can download it now.
#7April 25th, 2015 · 01:48 PM
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all it needs, as the others have said before, is a little bit of finer mixing. recording the vocals separately from the guitar really go a long way. as a songwriter and guitar player, you're ace. looking forward to future productions
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