#1May 7th, 2010 · 03:19 PM
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Philosopher (v2 )

This song is not in a battle

I've been on a stint remaking my own songs recently.

I don't need your contradictions
I don't want your superstitions
What is truth? What is love,
If not from God above?

Holy water, holy fire, holy pleasurable desire!

I don't need your patriotism
I don't want your communism
What is right?What is wrong,
If not the will of the strong?

I don't need your economics
I don't want these mechatronics
What is soul? What is mind,
If not so intertwined?

I don't need your intuitions
I don't want your damned opinions
What is beauty? What is art,
If not component parts?

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#2May 19th, 2010 · 04:21 AM
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hey great re-recording! i like your cynical sounding vox...ive always liked the style of your singing. really cool stuff here man
you have tons of really cool songs and its cool your going back and doing second takes on them!
#3June 1st, 2010 · 12:13 PM
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Remaking songs is cool

This is truly a nicely put together track - composition wise and performance wise nicely cut to size and shape. Where is the solo though, between 1:27 and 1:37? 

Production wise it is really well done but could be improved still. In my ears the guitars can be "louder" and the voice "dirtier". I'd almost say the production is too clean overall - in contrast to your original version. But all in all I really like your songwriting capabilities
#4June 1st, 2010 · 12:45 PM
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Yeah, this one "Snarls" in comparison to your other one. The vocals snarl, the guitars snarl. Everything snarls. This one is obviously more polished production-wise and thus seems to have airplay potential imho. I like it.
#5June 1st, 2010 · 09:54 PM
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I could see some distortion on the vox - that would sound cool - they sound too clean, but that's my opinion.  I still have to listen to the original!

Very cool little song!
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