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#1July 22nd, 2005 · 03:40 PM
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New Zealand

This song is not in a battle

Um, wrote this on the otherside of New Zealand. It's about admitting you're wrong basically


Thereís a place,
Where the worn becomes the new.
Few people know that it exsists,
Where redemptionís just admittance away.

And dignity will stay,
If situations are level with your head.

What time.
I thought there for a while that i had won.
What a joke,
Falling prey to circumstance light years away.


Itís a heavy obligation when youíre singing your own song.
And youíve only just been told that youíre singing it all wrong.
And you think the words canít change youíve been singing them too long.

Itís a heavy obligation X3

But thereís a place you can go,
To lighten the load.


April came and went and turned to may.
Today, here I stand clutching on to shame.
Wonít let up,
Waiting here for something to erupt.

It stays.
Locked inside my body aching maze.
And Iím right.


- Chester

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#2July 23rd, 2005 · 11:31 AM
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United Kingdom
I like the arpeggiated chord progressions you have in this song, and I also like your use of dynamics in your playing You also have a soothing voice that really suits the song...I look forward to hearing more.

I even found myself getting my guitar out to play along with it hehe...
#3July 23rd, 2005 · 04:41 PM
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New Zealand
Wooh! My first reply, ever.
Hey thanks man. I do have what I concider better stuff, but I thought seeing as I can't enter them yet, it might be a waste. Or something? My thinking is lacking clarity.

- Chester
#4July 24th, 2005 · 09:05 AM
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United Kingdom
Nice Song. Nothing that makes me say "Yeah I'd buy that" or " Yeah that bit is brilliant", but it's still a pretty good song even more so because it's your first go. Keep it up!
#5July 24th, 2005 · 09:28 AM
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its not really the type of music i'd love to listen to, but good job anyway.. i liked the guitar
#6July 27th, 2005 · 03:57 AM
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United Kingdom
really like this.  look up two guys who i think you sound kinda similar to and they might help you develop an already beautiful style - damien rice and andy flanagan - particularly andy.
#7September 16th, 2005 · 07:57 AM
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This is a beautiful song. Perfect, for what it is: a beautiful song.  I'm trying real hard to find something I can vengefully criticize, alas... no luck! 
#8September 16th, 2005 · 08:10 AM
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United States of America
Wow! Thanks Puppet for bringing this back up, I am a sucker for this type of song...
The s's are a just a little bit harsh, but a very enjoyable listen. This has become one of my favorite songs on Bandamp.
#9December 4th, 2005 · 01:38 AM
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New Zealand
Hey that's a lot puppet and creative control
#10December 4th, 2005 · 05:52 AM
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United Kingdom
well f*cking done
i really like this...maybe i should put some of this kinda stuff on...got tonnes in the arcive and if people enjoy it then its done. well done...the song makes you think about things.
#11December 4th, 2005 · 10:51 AM
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I simply liked it and have nothing to say about interpretation neither playin ...
Very good !
#12December 11th, 2005 · 12:21 AM
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man, i guess u, with Cahuvette r the best in here BandAMP.
u really have a NICE VOICE ( guess i've said that many times, but no way!)  and ur chords progressions r lovely. man, u must record smth!

and, u MUST post more!! wanna hear more from u!!!
#13March 1st, 2006 · 09:15 AM
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There's that voice again.  [sighs]  I can listen to it for countless hours. 
Even find myself humming, singing right along with ya.

April came and went and turned to may.
Today, here I stand clutching on to shame.
Wonít let up,
Waiting here for something to erupt.

love it, EG...
#14March 12th, 2006 · 01:52 AM
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United States of America
your recording technique's have been getting better!

your song writing is superb

#15May 29th, 2006 · 03:56 PM
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United States of America
It stays.
Locked inside my body aching maze.
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