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This song is not in a battle

Heres something a lttle different.  I have not had access to my full studio lately due to the next ice age decending on the north eastern US so I was playing around with loop samples. I added some guitar and vocals and it turned out pretty cool.

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Please review good or bad...Skunk
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Well howdie skunk-dood..... I see you are also pretty new on here as well. Welcome to the Amp buddy!
 I think your composition here is excellent, especially for it being done with loops and not much studio to work with... The mix is Spot On!!!!   I also think your lyrics and vox are exceptional.  I like the simple harmonies as well as the horn section and the chunky guitar rhythm is awesome. I cant really think of any critiquing besides maybe some more instruments to fill it up.... *violins would fit perfectly in there  or some choir keys...I'm sure you get the picture. A++
ps: you mentioned you're from the North East? well so am I neighbor!  Isnt it just wonderful when it's freezing outside and all you can think of is recording?  I think thats why some of the best US bands originated from these parts especially during the 70s and 80s 
 Once again Welcome to the Amp bud...... * would love to listen to more!
~ Peace as always ~
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