#1January 7th, 2010 · 11:13 PM
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Let Me Be
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It’s in the battle 2010-01

It certainly has been a while. I'm in a band called The Shakedown and we've nearly finished recording our debut. Here is one of the first tracks we finished this summer.

I wrote and sang this one, Let Me Know what you think...

check out our myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/theshakedownmn  
the pics reveal... what we look like

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#2January 7th, 2010 · 11:16 PM
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Very nice, pro sounding backing music. Really good vocals, I'm impressed. The 'Just let me be' part is a bit repetitive, I felt like something could of been said afterward to balance it out. But, it was very well sung, so good job overall!
#3January 8th, 2010 · 03:55 AM
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Nice energy, perhaps put some layers and harmony vox in the chorus, you could perhaps change the phrasing a little for the chorus, or use different chords for the same melody on each phrase. Or where the dynamics change at 3.20, you could sing the chorus their, it will bring you closer to the listener.

Anyway it's well executioned, look forward to hearing some more from you.
#4January 8th, 2010 · 01:14 PM
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thanks for the input! agree bout it getting repetitive, but unfortunately the book is closed on this track... we recorded our tracks mostly in our bass players bedroom with one condenser mic and a couple drum mics...

what we can change is the mix... this one turned out pretty well but i'll upload a couple that didn't quite have the "pop" we thought they would (meaning the rough cuts sounded great, but we lost a little in the mixing and mastering) and one acoustic track with a bass track that comes in too early maybe our maybe isn't needed... uhh... I guess you'll just have to hear 'em!

And btw, "pro sounding backing music" huh fais54? As a guitar player I feel so unimportant right now : (
... after all, they have fancy computers that can make pro sounding "backing music"

...any fans of rock and roll wanna take a listen?

Helloooooooooooo... is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me... (well, you get the idea)
#5January 10th, 2010 · 06:40 PM
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This is really excellent. Reminds me very heavily of Weezer, in particular of "My Name is Jonas, " especially the verse.

Love the tones of those guitars. Nice playing all around. Nice singing also, though it would have been nice to hear some harmony.

Starting to get a bit repetitive towards the end. It might have been good to replace one of those choruses with an equivalent instrumental or something similar. (Oh wait, just noticed one at the end).

As for the mix, my only complaint is that the low end of the drums clips a bit, and the toms sound tinny.
#6January 12th, 2010 · 10:45 AM
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Thanks Theotherguy89! I'll show these comments to the guys, esp. the one about the mix on the drums... hope to get your attn. on a few other posts where there are serious problems with the mix (drums lacking life, etc.,)...

gonna post em' soon...

as for the weezer comment, yeah, we've heard that before, while the guitar reminds people of weezer, I actually think it's the time signature that most reminds people of weezer... and if it's the guitar tone... I have no idea! I don't even remember which guitars and amps we used on this one; suffice it to say it was fairly ghetto. But glad you liked the tone...

as for vocal harmony... gonna post a song with a simple lower harmony (i think it's an octave below to a sixth) that seems okay... then I got above myself and tried to add a higher harmony, and sing in unison on this one part... well, I'll post it.. it's called "Peace of Mind" (NOT a Boston cover)
#7January 16th, 2010 · 04:57 PM
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may have a new mix of this song to upload...
#8January 22nd, 2010 · 02:14 PM
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Like this song.  Simple, but effective.
Good song construction - ok the mix and post production needs some work, but you know that.
Really liking the vocal delivery too - not always spot on the note, but it sounds just right for the song.  Harmonies in the chorus singing "Just let me be" allowing the lead vocal to do the "for a while" would sound good!
Jim A
#9January 25th, 2010 · 05:47 PM
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crazy man, loved it
#10January 28th, 2010 · 07:52 PM
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The beggining is pretty cool
#11January 28th, 2010 · 11:38 PM
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I would have finished it at 3:20. It was pretty good at that point.
The rest is more of the same.
Nice sound anyways. You have potential.

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