#1December 20th, 2009 · 04:23 PM
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It’s in the battle 2010-01

Recorded live. Poor Quality. Poor Vocals. Enjoy

if words fail and thoughts play and dreams stay with
like eating magic mushrooms turning deep grey colors into blue
rice and raw fish on the dish get sweetest tastes like the flue
this sickness might turn out to be part of a cure

your red lips
in your black dress
your blond hair
and your blue eyes
Sophie I really want to be with you
just talk a little more
about progress
and devoutness
future mistakes
and past regrets
personal forgiveness
and business plan
and our heart's emptiness

deadly as carbon monoxide
breathing more and more
fills up my lungs fills up my veins
until I burned inside and there's nothing more like
this beautiful picture

fall apart
just to start again

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#2December 21st, 2009 · 03:58 AM
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United Kingdom
Sounds like you don't have enough mics, shame I think it would have come out OK
It might cut through better is you layer it with a mixture of dry and wet, it will thicken it up together with some fat EQ on one layer.

Or just reposition the mic closer to the vox
#3January 2nd, 2010 · 09:00 AM
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I like your voice very much! Very nice indeed.
#4January 22nd, 2010 · 02:04 PM
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United Kingdom
Nice piano work - shame about the quality, which you know about so I won't mention it again.

The song drags a little, but not to the point where it was a problem.
Vocally delivery is pretty good - lots of emotion in the voice, and enough variation to make it interesting to listen to.
Actually, the more I listen, the more I like this.  Just a pity about that quality....... damn, I said I wouldn't mention it again!!!
Jim A
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