#1November 24th, 2009 · 07:52 PM
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GuZheng Tribute

This song is not in a battle

This song was born from a simple F, Bb, C, Bb chord progression.

Instrumentation includes: GuZheng (the Japanese variant, Koto is more widely used), Shamisen, Taiko Drum, Claves, 2 Violins, a Cello, and a Piano.

The "crazier" solos belong to the Shamisen, but I thought the GuZheng had more of a melody line to it. It just seemed like the Shamisen was like the harp - important by itself, but not important within an ensemble or group.

... Yes, yes, VST's and sound quality is garbage, I know.


P.S. The audio review number for this song was ENITRELY coincidental... Unless you don't believe in all that jazz... Then just carry on.

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#2November 24th, 2009 · 08:43 PM
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Absolutely beautiful!
First of all, I don't think the sound quality is crap. Just sometimes, when you play the notes too fast you can tell it feels like a VST, but other than that, is not a problem.
This what I call a simple and typical progression used wisely and with talent.
I totally love it, specially the strings section. What are using for them? Isn't it Atmosphere by chance?
Again, beautiful. I actually froze for a few seconds when it finished, before starting to write this review.
I think I'll download it. That this as a compliment as it's been probably months since I don't download a tune from BandAMP.

            > Iszil

PS: The most fun part of playing oriental music is that if you just play the black keys in a keyboard it will always sound oriental .
#3November 25th, 2009 · 01:08 AM
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Wow, cool song.

You do a great job of keeping it changing throughout. I never got distracted.

As synthetic instruments go, that's a very nice sounding violin. It sounds pretty realistic towards the end.

Great track.
#4November 25th, 2009 · 01:16 AM
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I really like this. It's really different from what I've heard from you so far and more 'real sounding' (?) Anyway, good job...and I think the whole oriental sound is very creative!
#5November 25th, 2009 · 02:15 PM
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Well Well, I just knew it, once you got some decent sounds that your music would take on a different form.
Well done for trying oriental moods, you did good, the composition is full and varied as others have mentioned,.

So how did you create this, was it with FL??
#6September 23rd, 2010 · 03:41 PM
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I listened to this because I like different instruments and timbres.  The instruments here really give a nice flavor to the simple chord progression.  Together with the relaxing melody they create a nice cinematic feel -- I see a lot of green leafy tree branches in my mind.

I sympathize with the limitations in sound quality.  The songs I'm writing so far sound laughable, since I don't have anything other than Anvil Studio and Audacity.  I guess I'd better do some research.
#7September 24th, 2010 · 11:09 PM
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Puerto Rico
Somewhat mechanical but dude aweosome arrengement....I really like the orchrestrated string as a back drop!
Me likes a lot!
#8September 26th, 2010 · 04:22 AM
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Well I grew up with "asian" music mainly generated by a 8-bit computer as part of the games they were supporting, so I really don't mind about this 'crap' vst quality - it sounds great in my ears

I think this is well constructed, nice choice of instrumentation, nice build-up and payoff. Really good job!
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