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Riffs/ Rhyme

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READ FIRST:   Hey, this is some different riffs / rhymes I had came up with. I want you to listen too it a say whats good and not good to be jused in a song. I don't want to make some crap out of all of this, so please comment. And there is some mistake in the recording because it just a basic thing ...you know

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From 0:01 to 0:35 is really cool...i think the other stuff taht comes after needs a little bit of work in whatever chords those are.

holy drugs lol wasnt expecting that acoustic to change into a harshly distorted guitar...

personally i think youll have to decide between clean or distorted, or at least choose a different type of distortion, or have some kind of a lead in that makes sense to the lead in of the distorted-ness, or have the clean continue through the distorted.

the next melody is pretty good but i like the first one better.

good ideas so far
#3May 21st, 2009 · 02:32 PM
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Nice ideas, the arrangement needs a bit of work.
The softer guitar I would say do 8 Bars, then explode with the distorted guitar, it will need drums and bass to give it more presence. Then pretty much the same with the rest, keep the changes 8 or sixteen bars, it should flow better.
Finally practice the riffs a bit more, so they sound smooth, you could probably make three different songs from all the riffs, I would just pick say three, then create another song with the others.

Keep working at it!!
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