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fill my bloody nite

This song is not in a battle

sticks and bones, 2001

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#2May 11th, 2009 · 01:40 AM
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Great guitar
Very good music, I liked the voice too, but you coud try improving a little your accent.

#3May 11th, 2009 · 03:21 PM
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Hey Jack who's the lady singer, really nice vox man, and of cource your guitars blend so well.
Enjoyed listening
#4May 11th, 2009 · 05:44 PM
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re: fill my bloody nite
Live recording ............... cool.....

so a bit out of balance......the guitar floods the vocal .........or the vocal just not clear enough......

I just cant make out all the words all of the time...

vocalist has lovely voice ....but i cant pick out the words

maybe post the lyrics???

Its a lovely song

#5May 12th, 2009 · 01:50 AM
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sorry I forgot the lyrics
singer is Lady Bug
guitars me and Django

October í99

E        3                        3           
B    3-3-5    1    3-3-5    3    3-3-5        3-3-5    1       
G    3-3-5        3-3-5    2    3-3-5    0    3-3-5
D                    0        2
A                        3
E        3                        3

(D)    G / D     / C    / G    /(D)    C /    Am / G /D C  G

Hi - No message is in / no message is out
(D)            G            D
all is clear on (the) screen / all digits fired out
C                 G   
Iíll find my way     /Iíd better come through     
(D)        C                Am       
Iíll watch  my steps / while surroundiní u
G           D          C    G (D)

I got it for long time / (I) catched (it) for a while       
then I missed the point / for a fleshy smile                       
Did u zero your love ? / did u reset your mind ?      
did u check all the gloomy stars / of  this blisteriní nite ?
Me you / how can I do / mixing  confusion till deep in blue                                                                               
       Em     Bm        C                G              D
Me you / Iím trying to hide
     Bm     C
Iíll be your mirror through this bloody nite
G    Am            C        G
youíll be my mirror through this bloody nite
G    Am            C        D

If I had my guitar / I could play this tune
If I were an awful bird / Iíd cry with u
not being a spirit / cannot fly for long
beiní far and near / feeliní weak and strong

Did u zero your love ? / did u cancel your soul ?
will u ever forgive me ? / will u change your world ?
will u ever be better ? / cause of that bloody nite
will u sing this song ?  / the way I use it to cry
#6May 16th, 2009 · 12:48 PM
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Very nice, Jack.& Company..I'm a fan of the Acoustic & Female Vocalist..very nice sound...I do agree with Fish that the vocals are a little bit to low..other then that...nice work.. real good lyrics

nice rating
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