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For You
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It’s in the battle 2009-05

When we first met
I remember what i thought of you
I knew you would be mine
It was all just a matter of time

I want you with me
I want you to hold me
To love me when i'm near
I'll dry every tear
For you

I'll cherish those times
Those times spent together
Nothing will change us
As Long as i love you

I want you with me
I want you to hold me
To love me when i'm near
I'll dry every tear
For you

For you, I'd do anything
For you, I'd sacrifice myself
For you, I'd give it all away
For you, I'd sell my shame

I want you with me
I want you to hold me
To love me when i'm near
I'll dry every tear
For you

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#2May 7th, 2009 · 03:29 PM
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Can be a nice song if you worked on it
Felt like drums & Bass were gonna come in after two bars.
Bring up the vox in the mix, try and ballance the reverb between the vox and guitar, Some timing issues on the lead guitar. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm sure it will sound better with some production work.
#3May 22nd, 2009 · 03:25 PM
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See for me, I am feeling the bass coming in at about 1 min.  I think if the guitar and vocal were recorded and produced a little better, and if the pitch change and crescendo for the first chorus wasn't present, then you could have a very nice, gentle entrance.  But there ya go, "different strokes for different folks" I think is the phrase.

I would keep the bass very soft.  Other than that, I really liked 2:27, where the lead guitar comes in.  Very pleasant.  Another crazy thought:  I think it would sound really good to have the lead guitar continuing over the vocal during the last chorus.  Almost as if the vocal takes a back seat to the lead Guitar.  The layers you could create there could sound quite nice.  If you bring up the production be sure to post it again... I'd love to hear it!

Nice song, I like.
Thanks for posting it
#4May 26th, 2009 · 05:53 PM
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I can hear quite a good song here behind the production and recording issues (the hiss is quite loud on the guitar track and then doubles once the mic is switched on).
The 'I want you with me' line really hurts this song for me. If you hear any of my vocals, you'll know I don't profess to be any kind of a singer, so I'm not saying that I could do better, but this line doesn't come off well in my opinion.
The guitar solo sounds much more crisp and very pleasant in conjunction with the duller sounding rhythm guitar. Production and sound-wise this is the best part of the song.
For me, this is quite a good composition but the performance and production do not do it justice.
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