#1February 4th, 2009 · 03:02 AM
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Saturn Return
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It’s in the battle 2009-02


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#2February 4th, 2009 · 04:05 PM
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Man this is moving at the speed of light.

I like the start

The cymbels need raising in the mix.
#3February 4th, 2009 · 04:29 PM
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man, thats some nice fast playing. nice layering of guitar parts too. the drums are a bit mechanical and repetitive, and it ends a bit suddenly, but apart from that, its a very cool heavy instrumental.

well done

#4February 6th, 2009 · 12:09 AM
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That was maddness. Really fast paced. It might be my computer speakers but to me it all sounded a litte mudded. Maybe eq it some more. Great start though.
#5February 6th, 2009 · 01:03 PM
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Um.... WHOA!  Intense! Love the tone of the main guitar!  Maybe a tad bit of eq needed... maybe a vocal... puts me in mind of "Time" by Anthrax! VERY NICE!
#6February 7th, 2009 · 12:40 AM
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lol sounds like a song i made. wait. no it doesn't
#7February 7th, 2009 · 11:04 PM
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good work
Nice arrangements...
#8February 7th, 2009 · 11:51 PM
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Sounds pretty fast..Im liking the general arrangement..Cool drums!!!!!!
The guitar playing is very good ,not sure about the tone on the dist..A bit to Pc like...Still very well done...
#9February 23rd, 2009 · 01:11 PM
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Great arrangement. Vocals wouldn't hurt. Needs eq, compression, and maybe a little reverb on the main guitar.
#10February 27th, 2009 · 01:10 PM
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Nice guitar playing.  I'd put a bit of low end on the gtr sound, and maybe a more prounounced double tracking - pan em hard right and left and delay one by 20 milliseconds or so.  Nice and tight playing style tho, I like that.
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