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Like the Frog

This song is not in a battle

lol ashlei...

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Sounds like your having big fun.

Would be nice to post the lyrics, I'm struggling to pick out the words, Think perhaps your using a dynamic mic, which is ok, just need to boost the mids.

#3January 6th, 2009 · 05:58 PM
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Cuz I am not a sentimental guy
but this kind of situation makes me want to cry.

Says I, I
Wanna be like the fraw, aw, awg.
Just sitting,
watching the world pass by, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye

Cuz I want to be like the frog
Just catching the world by the wings

Cuz I wanna be like the frog
Just sitting here on my motherfucking log watching the world pass me bye

I, I
wanna be like the frog.

I wanna be lazy with the ability to fly,
Only so high. Only so high...

I, I'm cold blooded but warm,
Just swimming through the oceans, lakes, and rivers.
Looking for something that makes me feel alive

I wanna be like the frog.
That fucking frog.

I, I am afraid of alligators
and I hate to cross the roads.

But I wanna feel alive.
I wanna be... just fine without you.

Like a frog.
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