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Cluster One Demo

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Inspired by Petermoncrieff's post, here is my own 'demo reel' displaying my progression as a songwriter. I took what I thought were a good representation, as no one wants to hear samples of 50 or 60 songs. And now, allow me to ramble for a moment.

I've always been at the very least a casual fan of Conor Oberst, usually known as Bright Eyes. But the one thing I've always really loved about him is that he got started so early (14 or 15) that you can really see his progression -- to hear evidence of someone improving from Solid Jackson (a lo-fi mess of a song from his first album) to some of the more mature and polished works later on was always more of an inspiration than the music itself. It taught me something that we learn as children but need to be constantly reminded of: practice makes perfect!

Hopefully, if I keep practicing, by the time I'm 90 I'll be somewhere approaching perfect, but for now I have a long way to go And hopefully, if someone who is just starting out can hear the difference between my first songs and my later ones, they'll see that they can get a little better too.

thanks for listening!

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I really enjoyed the listen! Sure shows the progression all right.
I like how you transition everything.

You sure have progressed!

Around 2:00 you start to really get your sound.
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