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Emotional Imbalance

This song is not in a battle

With this song, I actually added in a basic percussion loop. Twisted it up a bit so that it has a "end beat".

I have reformatted on my old junky computer and have installed about 20GB worth of VSTi plugins (About as much as I can do with only 160GB of space, lol).

So I haven't really played with FLS in awhile, AND I'm using FLS 8 instead of 6. I have noticed a significant sound quality increase from both versions. Stuff sounds better, but that also means that it might take more to tweak the instruments so that it doesn't sound like crap, because I actually tried to see what Trance Pants sounded like without any editing while putting it into FLS 8 and rendering it off, and it didn't sound the same, but it sounded loud and parts were being dominant when they shouldn't have.

This song is a mixed genre. It is instrumental in a sense, but also very much so electronic. I think this song is perfect in all things except the percussion. Because if you were to re-render as much as I do to see how a song sounds like in an MP3 instead of raw, you would get annoyed of things too.


For Emotional Balance, it consists of all the feelings that would be there if you were emotionally imbalanced:  Depression, anxiousness, hopelessness, loss, regrets, anger. Then it has a twist: I am really trying to get back up, and I know that the days are hard to go through, but I must be strong.

That is the storyline with Emotional Imbalance.

So in other words, I have to explain the more harsher emotions with a saw instead of something soft like a piano or clarinet. While the piano and clarinet explains things like hopeless, loss, regrets, and the feeling of getting back on your feet.

Depression is a very mixed feeling. So it is really in the whole song, but no one instrument explains it. Depression is very aggresive, but is also very soft.

This will be the last song for quite awhile again. My computer finally gave up. I can no longer keep it on for longer than 5 minutes after Windows logs in.
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perfect!? well, its certainly a good thing that you have plenty of confidence in your music. yeah, its pretty cool (not my style, so not my idea of perfect). I can tell you've spent loads of time on it (well, it would take a hell of a long time for me to compose something like this). Its got alot of exciting elements to it. Not sure the wind instrument really suits the electronic style, but as you say, its a medly of diff instruments and styles. I think you're right about the purcussion, the electronic hi hats are abit harsh and constant. I like the ending with the echoed piano especially...


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