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Ballard of Jezza & Nigel

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The Ballard of Jezza and Nigel.

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re: Ballard of Jezza & Nigel
If Im not first to say it
Wellcome to bandamp!!!
It sounds like you've got a hummmm in the room  going on before the song starts???
the live part is cool but blighted by poor eq......... bass mid range boooming
v nice guitar
drums somewhere down the street..............haha
lots to work on to seperate sounds
but very good

tag on studio bit 'Jeremy Clarkson' not needed 

thats the amp for you .......................



the fish
#3November 14th, 2008 · 11:18 AM
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Hey, welcome...
 very nice song, its got a kinda happy feel good sound (reminds me a bit of the magic numbers). I think the only thing that needs work is the recording quality.  lol, love the end! Bit random but cool. Clarkson is a legend, but who's Nigel? Anyways, great song

#4November 14th, 2008 · 12:04 PM
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A ballard eh? Lovely voice, the mix and eq are off but everything sound great in it's own right. There's a lot of great attention to little details and the instrumentation changes up nicely every now and then keeping in interesting. The guitar solo at 2:30 is out of tune and not so fitting, other than that it's a great song. I love the little ending you've got here, nice. Hope to hear more.
#5November 15th, 2008 · 03:09 PM
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nice song, great hook, tight playing , the guitar solo is not quite there yet needs work,  sounds like a good scratch track. Love the voice it has a very "light sound and feel to it , pleasant ) the guitar is way to boomy in the low end, bass is to boxy (mids) drums are off in another room (sounds like), at times the keys are good at times not,  I am undecided on the ending.. I really like the song and it stands up all on it's own without the cute little tags at the end.  welcome. and great first song post.    gets very good vote for style, tightness of playing, and concept.
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