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#16September 27th, 2008 · 02:02 PM
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This song could potentially be a hit, the progression is awesome, and so is the vox.  I think what it needs is some production, your friend has a kind of grunge rock voice,  I am hearing this a lot heavier, just a balls to the wall song.  Is that your plan?  I would love to hear any progress on this!
#17September 30th, 2008 · 10:49 AM
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just listened to the song again...Bret's voice is so totally kick-ass, I wish mine had as much resonance and quality.  this song should definitely be longer, and go heavy!!!  I would love to hear a small break with the full band coming in at about 0.40, go into a grinding riff and kick of this high energy rockout!  that's what I'm hearing anyway.  hit me up if you want some ideas, I could probably throw a couple of licks together, this tune is really inspiring!
#18September 30th, 2008 · 09:47 PM
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We thank everyone
Thanks for all the great comments you have given us this was a fun song to do.
I ( Phil the guitar player ) have not been able  to come up with any thing i.e drums,bass or lead that fits.
I will post one more song out of 4 songs that still needs work. let us know what you think ?  this song still needs work.
the song is called ( ESCAPE )

Thanks from   Simple Cell

P.S yes the guitar was plugged straight into the computer. good ear

#19October 2nd, 2008 · 04:09 PM
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OK! Your first cool song. I've already commented on the second.
You need to get a sharper rockier sound to the guitar and you both seriously need a few more drinks and a night (weekend) in front of the pc (loaded with vst plugins) creating / composing more instrument tracks for these songs 
Your matey on the vocals is pushing it too much and is singing (screaming) out of his range, that's why he cant reach some of the notes , he's started off too high (understandable considering his style) but because his breathing is not in the right place and he's 'already' pushing his limit he 'breaks up' when trying to get to certain notes.
I'm only saying this because I think he's got an excellent voice.
Keep it up...not the drinks, but the music!

O! And welcome to the Amp to u too!
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