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This song is not in a battle

ok here is my first song in a while.. I was bottle feeding the kitten when I just wrote this in a minute or so.. can't you tell??
this is a direct plagerism... It might help to know why... as the song says, my son latched on to a kitten from a litter of a neighborhood malnurished stray that the animal control shelter picked up the rest of including the mother cat..  the kitten wasn't weined yet, so the family is having to bottle feed it and care of it..  when ever we give her a bottle, her little ears flap a hundred miles a minute like Yoda's in starwars.. and since the kitten is a female, we call her "Yodi" the fem version of Yoda... there ya have it...   here's the lyrics for you...

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Just about a month ago,

 I had told my son no..

 I said the whole litter

 of the kittens had to go..

 but there was this little one

 had captured  the heart of my son..

fur of black, now I'm stuck with Yodi again....

Now another month has gone,

my son left us here all alone

he went to visit his girlfriend

Left his poor little kitten at home.

Now I'm feeding his cat,  and

cleaning fur balls up ker-splat

Oh no, I'm stuck with Yodi again..
#3August 4th, 2008 · 08:46 AM
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Hey Danny..good to see you post a song...Its been awhile
Songs come to us in so many different ways. As this one came to you. I like it...playing it a few times...It has a CCR sound to it somewhat.. I guess the Southern sound is why...Nice work Danny...I'm going to add this to my playlist
Treat that Lil kitty cat right now...lol


Nice Rating
#4August 5th, 2008 · 09:50 PM
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This is awesome Blue..Glad to see you around..Reminds me of the not to long ago amp days of daily chat and listening when I see you visit and post..Sure wish those days would come back..Anyways great stuff man!!!
#5August 9th, 2008 · 08:12 AM
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Haha - very funny Blue.  Good to see you around here (from one infrequent visitor these days to another!).
The song is great - playing's good too (although the guitar sounds slightly out of tune).
I enjoyed listening.
#6August 11th, 2008 · 06:19 PM
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and here I thought it was you and I that were
slightly out of tune???  rofalol... sorry you know
I hafta take a shot like that! don't get freebies
to often anymore!!!  ya know Marino has a great
point there... and he's skirtin an issue of a time
that really isn't that far gone or hard to get back
to..  (carry over to another conversation)
 maybe it is time to take the amp to the next level
with membership drives and so on..

Marino, my beloved brother,  man I miss you guys
so much... can't wait till this project is at least semi-
completed and online so I can coast a little..  I just
recently got stiffed on a design job I was doing on
the side too.. so it's a wonder I even found the time
to feed my kid's brat kitten, much less write lyrics..
but again thanks so much baby.. ya know I am
always very happy when I get an atta from you...
I hope that angel you call wife is also doin ok these
days.. and the two of you are gigging well!!!
Live Long and Prosper my friend!! Hear from
Map any??  send him my best wishes too!! You
all know I luv's ya!!
 Ralph, was awesome getting a few minutes to
talk to you the other day..  they temporarily
disconnected my phone and just now got back
online...  but it's still up in the air if I can keep
the service connected... that client I told you
about, has refused payment... kinda hard taking
someone 1400 miles away to small claims court..
which people like him know that too.. so it's just
a gamble I guess..  but hopefully I'll see something
substantial out of the sight or from the settlement
soon!!  fingers crossed... 

JimmyD, Fishey, all my wonderful sisters,  I really
miss you each so much!!! Paperdoll, Siren, Cheyenne..
Spoon, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Linda and all of you wonderful
"Ladies" of the amp...  praise Goddess for each and
everyone of you.. these guys would be lost without ya's..

Blessings and Luv's Ya All..

Danny - Blueyes
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