#1June 15th, 2008 · 07:59 PM
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ok i set myself a challenge of trying to make a really dark and heavy techstep song. after playing around for abit it turned into this which was NOT what i was after, however instread of just deleting it and trying again, i thought ill  make arough song out of it and see what you ampers think so if it does get interest then i can come back to it in the future. techstep is turning out to be a really hard sound to achieve   but i guess the journey of trying to get a sound from your head to computer is what producing is really about

ps thanks for all the comments on my last song. they really did help!

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#2June 15th, 2008 · 08:52 PM
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i've been relatively inactive on the Amp recently, because of a move, so I'll let you kow that this is the first song that I've rated and commented on in about 6 weeks   congrats!

After having recently tried to tackle an all-electronic production recently, I can admire much more the effort that goes into songs like this.  Good job on the drums.  Great sound.  I'm glad there was a break in the middle of the song, though it wasn't as eventful as I was expecting it to be.  That's always the real challenge, in my opinion, to make a song eventful.  In electronic productions, it's easy to repeat sections a good 2, 3, or 4 times and feel alright about it, yet for the audience, it almost seems to get a little redundant.  And that's honestly the part of me that plays the piano/guitar...  It's hard for me to produce a 4 1/2 minute song when it's me on a guitar.  But when I pilot FL studio, it's so easy to lay down a 5, 6, or 7 minute song!  What's worse is that the long song doesn't have much uniqueness as it goes onward, so there's a lot of repeating.

Although, that being said, and as it stands, I think you've done a good job using your tools to make this.  It strikes me as some sort of soundtrack-ish loop that would fit some sort of action sequence (a chase of some sort... i dunno).

Looks like you've put up several songs already, so I better go check out some more from you!

#3June 16th, 2008 · 10:31 PM
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Man, As someone who does his best to produce stuff a lot like this, I know how f*ing hard it is.  (no offense, TLS.. i actually agree with a lot of what you said)  A  lot of people tend to assume that because a drum loop repeats a couple of times in a dance track that the sh*t must be easy.  i dont know how many times its come up that someone says "oh yeah! What kind of music do you produce" and im like Dnb, Tech Step..sh*t like that and they are immediately like "oh" all dismissive and spit.  Like if i didnt write some lyrics or strum a guitar then it cant be real music...it cant take real talent.. Well, (and again TLS, not at you, mate) I would challenge any mug no matter what your musical background or how many guitar lessons you've had and pick up a demo of fl and drop a hot bizzel like this muf right here! Cant do it! I give you a month, 2 months..hell, take 6!  Ive been doing this sh*t for a while now...  this aint easy!  Keep it up, Mp!  Ok, im finished ranting!  Just saying..us Tech Heads should get more respect! LOL! YEAH THATS RIGHT! R E S P E C T!!!.......you know i love you guys!
#4June 16th, 2008 · 11:14 PM
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MAP: of course i take no offense :P Like I said, I just tried to produce an electronic song, too, and so I admire the drums and the overall effort.  I really can appreciate it much more now that I've given it a go.

ditto to what you've said
#5June 17th, 2008 · 08:44 AM
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I don't know much at all about this genre, so I can't criticise the music. But I use FL for some parts of my music too, and I would just not know where to start making stuff like this. so you got my respect, if thats worth anything. keep going, and i'm sure you'll get the sound you're after

#6June 18th, 2008 · 08:39 AM
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u heard end game by noisia yet dude? new tunage so goooooood it's like nosia mixed with desimal, full of those crazy subs and flange reeses/reeces man i wanna know how they do those so much
#7June 18th, 2008 · 02:18 PM
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I'm very quickly becoming a fan MrMp.
I really like your beats, your big sounds, your vocal samples and your general insane rhythm.
I havent taken the time to listen to all your stuff, but I will.
I can agree with TLS that "there was a break in the middle of the song, though it wasn't as eventful as I was expecting it to be".
It is a break so it can be anything but I did feel it could have had more 'creativeness' about it, or should I say, it should have as much 'creativeness' built up around silence as the rest of the song has it's creativeness built up around sheer noise ! Your break should be as intense as the song.
Otherwise I totally love it.  
#8June 20th, 2008 · 05:50 PM
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ace. i dont know any dnb appart from pendulum so its all i can compare it to really, but im really likin this. i do think it needs to sound fatter, but i don't know how to do things like that either
#9June 20th, 2008 · 06:07 PM
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quality sounds really professional. well mixed. seems like it should be in a Matrix movie or something.
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