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Slightly Random techno

This song is not in a battle

Any comments, criticism, and advice is welcome. Even tell me if there is a tiny detail that should be changed, and I'll go back and change it. This is more of the rough draft, and the final will have vocals in it along with any of the advice given by all of you =D

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It's catchy, flowing in right, got a nice little lead sound there... waiting for change.... came in about the one minute mark... OK, so far this is good for dugs and women at the dance floor.... sounds like the first couple of minutes are the same... Will there be a break...? waiting... Yes, a small break...

It sounds great for techno... a good little ditty going on there for that kinda sh*t... So, make it longer, crunch some different beats and breaks in on it... And away she goes!@#!
#3June 1st, 2008 · 11:50 AM
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Pretty good recording.. It sounds good . Just needs some breaks to change it up some. But it all depends on the direction your trying to go with it as far as what type of song you want to come of it all. Good dance music for clubbing


will rate
#4June 1st, 2008 · 12:52 PM
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K, you asked for advice and comments... so here goes..   First thing, You're using, what I like to call, Rave Sirens over the top of everything here.  You wanna blow that up!  I would turn that up a notch and add a bit of reverb to give it that epic feel.  Nice choice of kick sound...you wanna keep it in check while also keeping it punchy and thick...  I would put an eq on it and cut anything below 40hz.. Then i would dip the freqs ever so slightly in the high freqs to keep it out of the way of the other sounds you have going on.  Finally, gently tuck it under the "Rave Siren" lead.  Bring the hats up as they are very important to creating a counter groove with your kick..  Add a hat with a bit more of an open "ride" feel and humanize the whole thing..  that is to say..  change the velocity (volume) of each hit just slightly and turn off any snapping function you might have and slide the individual hits off time just a bit... just enough to create a less synthetic feel.  You have something of a rolling bass in here, which is ok... creates a gentler groove and its in the right spot in the mix as far as velocity...  Make sure it is mono and centered as far as panning..  you'll want to keep it somewhere between the kick and lead as far as volume.  For a more driving dance'ish feel consider shortening the bass lines to something a bit more plunky instead of sustained notes.  Again, add an eq and put a 40hz cut on it to get rid of any sub frequencies that might muddy up your mix.  K, you have 2 more elements that stand out...  a plunky thing and a melody line...  consider panning one to the left a bit and one to the right, giving them both room to breath and be heard in the mix..  I would look for an instrument or sound that is a bit more rich in texture for the melody line, as the one you have sounds a bit plastic.  Having said that, This is a good start..  If I didnt think so, i wouldnt take so much time...Not saying im an expert, but these are a few of the things ive come across in my travels.. and they are good rules to go by when it comes to this kind of music.. You're on your way!
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REally enjoyable parts melody wise, (early pd-esque ) also resembles oldschool gaming music to some level.. I like how unexpected but really great harmonies form during the sort-of lead instrument that goes somewhat randomly up and down.

So, you've created catchy lines in a structure, and that's very well done. Now you have to look at the technicalside of creating an arrangement. The frequency range of the melodic line and the base arpeggio overlap which make for an interesting blend-in, but the arrangement can open up greatly if that melodic line would be doubled with a bright sounding instrument 2 octaves higher.

Also, the drums are a bit too basic. They can use lots of added spice etc etc what MAP said. To be honest I cant say much more than a "keep experimenting", try fooling around with some interesting rhythms pulling that part of your music making up to the level of your melodies. And then onwards...
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stick loads of compression on them drums will beef them out more, get some strings in the background to fill it out some more, and as map said stick some reverb on the leady line to give it a more epic feel, like the hat change, keep it up!
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re: Slightly Random techno
if u using fl studio try adding an fpc track

might stop the tedium..........


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