#1May 23rd, 2008 · 11:01 PM
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Do not want it.

This song is not in a battle

First new original song in a while. Happy with everything except the vocals, as usual.

Meaningless lyrics:

I donít have to be perfect
But I wouldnít feel bad
If I was more special
Than I think I ever had
I donít have to be wise
But Iíd like to be smart
Oh I donít need to be rich
But that would be a start
And Iíd wish youíd just tell me
Where I should go from here
What to eat
And what to wear
And then I would be closer
To the statue in the hall
Oh then Iíd have something
Iíd have it all

Oh I donít  need to have talent
If  Iíve got a band
I donít need to keep plans
If I make them out of sand
Oh it makes me feel important
When someone feels small
I push all my problems
On everyone and all

Iím flawed
Iím chipped and sullied clay
I have to say

I donít want it
To have to be this way
I donít want it
To ruin your nice day
I donít need it
But I couldnít do without
I donít feel it
But you know I feel your doubt

I donít want it
I donít want it

Iím flawed
Iím chipped and sullied clay

Oh I thought I had problems
But I see in a better light
When you know youíre crazy
Youíre not really nuts, right?
Oh I donít have to be special
But I need to play the part
Oh I donít need to be perfect
But that would be start

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#2May 24th, 2008 · 10:52 AM
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You have as I said before some awesome skills in your song writing abilities.Voice is not bad,just a bit more work on it and it should be fine..the mix I'm not sure about theres some buried vocal parts and and some ares with mush frequencies!!!anyways good show!
#3May 24th, 2008 · 11:58 PM
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I love the lyrics..  the  overall song is good.. just production stuff..  some levels are off when the dist. guitar kicks in.. buried  vox.  could use some eq help. but still very good.
#4May 25th, 2008 · 07:58 AM
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starts off good, kicks in nice... need to let go on those vox... feels like your holding back a bit...
nice overall mix and good feel...

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