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Grace Land
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It’s in the battle 2008-05

Everything I ever wanted.
I guess that I've got it now
Everything I ever wanted
It don't matter to me some how

Read me a book where the hero doesn't die
Take me anywhere tell me I can fly away
Find me someone who can tell me why
We say we're fighting for peace but it seem like a lie to me

I guess JT brought sexy back
But I haven't seen much change
Music with soul is under attack
Why don't you find that strange?

When I looked out my window today
The grass turned brown and the sun went away
Turned my head to the wall and prayed
I guess you were right in what you say


Tell me its not a joke
Tell me you feel it too
You laugh are you lauging at me
I'd won't laugh at you
Tell me its not a joke
Tell me you feel it too
I hate that everythings broken
I know that you hate it too


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Harmonicly it's very straitforward and without a modulation it gets monotonic after a while. I think the chorus is rhytmicly a bit akward between the second and thirth sentence. I guess i have a harsh head on today, but well this i what i think about it. It's ment to be constructive critisism.
#3May 11th, 2008 · 10:36 AM
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Nice feel form the piano, well played

Vox have a nice tone, some of the words are not clear, try to exaggerate the words, this sometimes works.

The drums IMO clash with the rhythm of the piano, perhaps a more simpler drum rhythm, or some simple percussion may work.

It's a good bass to work from, you could try and work on the dynamics a bit more so for the vocals, lowering and raising the volume just like the intro and outro.


#4May 11th, 2008 · 12:02 PM
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This must be the day that I hear all the Piano compositions...This is about the 4Th one today that I have heard...and all of them have been pretty damn good..This is really nice...you have a really nice voice...it goes well with your music..its all yours...the style of it...very nice lyrics( damn good lyrics)..I'm big on lyrics.. I would make one minor change in them

"We say we're fighting for peace but it seem like a lie to me"

I would cut the " To me " out of it

But thats just me..and we are here to give feedback..so dont get offended..I think the lyrics are great..very strong..nice story line

...the music is just great..I really liked this one..keep it up, Buddy...you are a very talented young musician...

One for my playlist


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