#1March 14th, 2008 · 07:32 PM
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See what you want to see

This song is not in a battle

It took unreasonably long to record this song. I abandoned the idea of putting all the drums on different channels, because this eventually led to my computer slowing to a crawl while trying to edit the drums. I know the chords are pretty much the same as Soundgarden's "blow up the outside", but I really like them.

Everyone knows the answers
They think they know the truth
From the oldest man to the dumbest youth
And everybody lives in a sea of wool
Nobody thinks they’re a fool

They invent their religions
They invent their own rules
And when they’ve made it all up
They’ve got figured it out for good
They’ve got their explanations
But when things go wrong
They let themselves down
For far too long

You only see what you want to see
It’s tainted by
The bias in your own mind
You only see what you  want to see
It’s sullied by
The preconceptions in inside
You only see what you want to see
The world out there is just
The world in your mind

We think we’re prone to reason
We think ourselves real
We think the truth
From us nobody can steal
But when the proof
Stares us in the face
We leave it all behind
Not in this place
We cage up everybody
With different skin
We burn down the world
And everyone within
Nobody is happy
Because everybody wants
To be right
When they’re actually wrong


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#2March 15th, 2008 · 11:15 AM
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very nice mood, laid back first, more strong later, i like that

nothing of the song reminded me to a soundgarden song, and i probably know the one you named, just cant remember it to my mind and i dont have the cd, so u used the chords well i'd say

maybe the vox could use some more variations here and there, just to be critical

recording is quite nice, but something hi is sibbeling through at 2:05, some effect like phaser/flanger?
its not clear to me and that bothers me

all and all: nice piece !
#3March 15th, 2008 · 03:18 PM
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The high noise is a quiet synth. I thought the verse needed a little more atmosphere.

The chords are a basic inversion of the first two chords of Blow Up the Outside by Soundgarden. I originally set out to make a cover of that song, but decided to write my own song instead. It's really not very similar to that song anymore, but it was definitely derived from it.
#4March 16th, 2008 · 07:26 AM
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Nice piece, just need to raise the drums a bit, they sound buried in the mix
#5March 16th, 2008 · 12:09 PM
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Well done. There's no point rehashing drum issues, they don't pull your attention away from the rest of the song. Tone color of the lead and the rhythm guitars seem a little too similar, my bias is always toward crisp distinction between parts. This is not to say I didn't like it, just that I found myself struggling to distinguish between them and that is probably my own head problem...

Nice work!
#6March 17th, 2008 · 01:22 AM
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sounds really nice.I didn't think people were doing this syle anymore.
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