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Wesley Willis Calculus 1

This song is not in a battle

Are you ready to be hit by a bus? No? Too bad. I think it's high time that band amp has some Wesley Willis impersonator.  This song was written about calculus by a computer program that I made. I then recorded it with my new keyboard from best buy!

The lyrics go a little something like this:

You make people eat hip-hoptallica! EW!
You are a good person to the max!
You can cure arthritis with WD40!
A lot of people think you belong in the rock-and-roll hall of fame!


Calculus knows Khiem to the max!
Calculus was born in Tokyo at 7:23 AM!
You are the math in New Moscow
Calculus could be the greatest math ever!



Calculus, you gotta bang that s__t!
You see people! LOL!
You are a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity!
You have been a math for 109 years!


Rock over London!
Rock on Dallas!
McDonalds, Austrailia's Favorite Fries!

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Lol omg, I remember you showimg me the lyrics, I never thought that you'd actually make it into a song!
#3February 15th, 2008 · 11:55 PM
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holy wow.. I love how you narrate it.. it's absolutely stunning!

5 stars!  Done.

That was pretty fantastic.  It leaves you with the same sensation as when you get off a rollercoaster and you want to get back on it
#4February 16th, 2008 · 05:11 AM
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let me press 'Y'
lets see what happens
#5February 16th, 2008 · 02:44 PM
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That feature is supposed to allow the user to make another song quickly with the same information or another one with different information... it's broke though.
The program is simple enough though. It works like a mad lib almost.  Just a couple of loops to make sure everything is repeated the right number of times and that it is random enough.  I think right now there are 291 phrases. Some from Bush, some from WW himself, some from my teachers, some from random things I hear while eavesdropping. Hurrah for Java!

Here's a video of him live

The brilliance behind Wesley Willis is that once you've heard one song you've heard them all. So you have to focus on the lyrical content which is amazing.

I'll make a song about both of you right now... One each.


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