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This song is not in a battle

This is an old song, probably a couple years back. I had just found Tori Amos and this was my way of trying to be like her. That's why I hated it so long still trying to get over the fact that I might be a copier... Well anyway... It's quite short and works fine with just piano (electric one but anyway). This is the first demo I've made with my mixer so don't be too cruel. I'm still practicing....

I know the vocals and backgrounds don't always with the same tempo. I'm working on that. Practicing, like I said. Oh, and I've been having a winter cold, so vocals may not sound too good.... Yeah, well...

I hope somebody will listen this one.

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#2January 4th, 2008 · 05:12 PM
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I definitely hear the Tori Amos influence, but I wouldn't say it sounds like you're copying.  Practice using your mixer some more...the vocals and piano need to balance against each other more...and the vox levels are inconsistent.  I really like your lyrics...your vocals go out of tune in the higher registers...but that's probably the effects of your cold (get well).  Overall, great potential here...I'd like to hear more! 
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I hear some great potential .. I like the tone of your voice.. the song is real nice and the piano playing is good.

Are you playing and singing this at the same time?
i feel you could benefit from some recording techniques that would improve your sound, but for a first song post and just getting started this is very very good.
#4January 5th, 2008 · 11:09 AM
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The song does have potential indeed.

All you've got to do is spend as much time learing your equipent, and practice your instruments, it will be worth it in the long run.
If your not very practical with the recording teqniques, there are plenty of books you can read, try the library, or indeed the internet. The forum on bandAMP is pretty good, there is a section just on recording.

When you have things set up how they should be and you hear a nice sound it will inspire you, your performances will reflect that too.

Good luck, look forward in hearing more from you.

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re: Salt
Well done..............
First song a real success!!!
Its a beautiful song ...v beautiful voice... well performed.......
more please
and welcome to the Bandamp of course!!!!!!

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Welcome :)
I agree with the guys. This is a beautiful piece and your pontential is evident. There are some things that could be improved in this song in particular, but still it sounds beautiful. I would very much like to listen to something else from you    Well rated
#7January 6th, 2008 · 05:26 AM
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Great potential!!!!!
I hear some real passion on this track.Some technical issues on the performance and recording as you stated,but not enough to damage the integrity of your work.I don't really know Tori Amos music, so for me this a bit fresh.Regardless I have (band) influences filter through my own music but I wouldn't call myself a copier, I think that is natural in the process of music making.I think this a very sweet and unique in its own way and will rated an excellent job!
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Thank you very much. I was a little bit nervous for putting this one here, but I guess it turned out to be ok:

Well anyway.... Thanks so much about the advice and constructive comments. I really need that to improve. And I'm working on solving the problems. And I'm beginning to understand how the mixer works a little bit more.

And to toastedgoat: No, I'm not actually playing and singing at the same time. They go to the different rhythm mostly because when I was recording it I couldn't find my headphones so I couldn't really hear the piano part well when I sang my part...

...so it seems that if there's not a problem I can create one....

But thank you so much!!!!! I try to post some new stuff as fast as possible.
#9January 6th, 2008 · 11:01 AM
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I think that you have alot of potentional. The vocals are really good in terms of tonality; and although there are a few missed notes (blame it on the cold!) the vocal melody is very beautiful and sits nicely with the pretty piano piece.

For a first recording it is good; however the golden rule is to get things right at source, whereas the most obvious thing when you are new to recording is to look at the mixer.

So, look at your microphone positioning. Monitor using headphones, and move the microphone around until it sounds best to you. Thats where to put it, this is important for vocals as it is for piano.

Also, what microphone are you using? A single condensor would do fine depending on budget, however getting 2x Shure SM-57's would be relatively inexpensive and they would give you more versatility. You could use it easily to record vocals but this would also mean you can record that piano in stereo for a much better recording The Shure SM-57 is a dynamic microphone which is directional and very versatile. It is also very durable and reliable and relatively cheap.

Finally, your recording is quite 'noisy' (hiss). This is most likely to do with the gain control on your mixer being set too high. Try and position the mic so you get as clear and loud a recording as possible without distorting so you can ease off the gain. Again the hiss may be down to a poor microphone also.

Again, this is a really good composition and a great first attempt; just advising on a few basics.

Once you have decent mic placement and hopefully a decent mic or two, and you have the levels set correctly, then you will have a much clearer recording, and you can start looking at your mixer. Depending on the mixer you may or may not have a compressor but most likely some EQ controls. Experiment with Bass/Mid/Treb to complement the sounds of the different parts (vocals/piano) but also to give them separation from one another.

Finally, Compressino (a compressor) is a bit of a black art to use, but is a worthy addition to any recording set up particularly to tighten the vocals.

Hope this is of use, and I look forward to eharing more.
#10January 7th, 2008 · 06:36 AM
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Thank you Dave

I really appreciate your advice. And I know that it's practice, practice, practice...

And about my microphone... It's some really old and crabby one and I'm planning to buy a new one as soon as I have the time to do it. Soon, hopefully... I'm a really person sometimes, I have to admit.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. I'll probably write your advice on down before going to the shop so I don't seen like a total amateur.

...And it's always nice to hear that I even have SOMETHING to improve on!!!!

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