#1November 8th, 2007 · 06:24 PM
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Up In Arms Early Instr.

This song is not in a battle

Hi all

Again another song me and James are working on and will have vocals soon. This one is a bit heavier and has some more 'balls' to it. There is a bouncy-ska type influence in places and some distorted grunt too.

Please give any feedback you can about the sound etc. Yes I know its noisy and loud and proud but I wanted it that way lol..


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#2November 8th, 2007 · 08:06 PM
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Great stuff! I love the ska influences, but for the other part, maybe a little less distortion, it sounds a little too messy in contrast with the lighter, cleaner part.
I'd love to hear the final product, you did a good job with this.
#3November 9th, 2007 · 07:10 AM
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Heard this an just got jealous of that drum sound!
Its so awesome man!!!
Very cool track!My only thing would be that theres a bit of cluttered frequencies on the heavy part and it could be a bit tighter over all.That said love where you're going with this track.Good guitar tone Dave!!!!
#4November 9th, 2007 · 03:30 PM
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Interesting mix of styles here.  I have to say, off the bat, that Im not liking the panning choices that you made.  My ears are being pulled extreme left and right and I find that rather fatiguing.  Having said that,  The "playing" skills are apparent.  For some reason, the low end lacks an "edge" for lack of a better term.  Looks like it was said previously... what i get for not reading previous reviews.  Yes, I would say there is a it too much contrast between the "ska" part and the "heavy" part...  Great tune though...  definately has potential!
#5November 9th, 2007 · 03:46 PM
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re: Up In Arms Early Instr.
fish here....................
ok ska??????????????
well the track is great.................
but it loses its identity a bit ..................... needs more cutback .... offfbeat and sharp guitar to make it ska....
its kind of 1/2 ska and more than 1/2 rock..............even as punk ska it loses the hit ryhthm of the ska backbeat ....... the drum is not ska at all......... but we live with that:)

so with your permission as of chat room i downlaod and add the chuck .........and the horns of course....

dont know if this might work but what the hell............

exciting weekend ahead.....haha


the fish
#6November 9th, 2007 · 05:33 PM
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wow, i like the mix of styles here.  you know, every time i've talked to you or seen your name in the forums, i link "good recording quailty and technique" to your name.  And you never dissapoint us.  You've got a fantastic little setup there   I admire it.  it makes me wish i had the money to approach what you've got going on here!

Anyway, about the song, i think it's great the way it starts off and then completely changes gears.  when i was reading your initial post here, it hadn't broken into the loud stuff yet, and i thought that you were being sarcastic in the post   Not so... not so.  i like the way the song falls back into the ska thing

I like the sound-- i've rocked out to this style of thing many a time with fellow bandmates a few years back...

if i had to pick one thing to critique, it would be the drums--- not because they're bad, but because with the loudness of the track, my ears feel like the drums should be louder too

i'm not sure what else to say!  good work!  i'm curious to hear some words for it, since you say they're coming!

#7November 10th, 2007 · 10:44 AM
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I really like the mixing of styles here... SKA ish and Rock very good.  It's a work in progress, so I'm not overly fussed about it sounding a little messy in places (which it does! lol)
The comment that TLS makes about the drums not quite punching through enough I think is true... they could drive this piece on, and tie the different styles together really well if given a slightly more dynamic sound and brought up in the mix too.
Looking forwards to hearing the vocals on this one...
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