#1October 17th, 2007 · 01:06 PM
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It’s in the battle 2007-11

I'm usually against instrumentals (especially ones that are obviously structured to be songs with vocals) but I've had this one lying around for a while that I never uploaded. There's a version I recorded a couple years prior that actually has the vox but it turned it just....just awful. Near the end there is actually a guitar solo, which might actually be the first time I've ever recorded an actual rock guitar solo.

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#2October 17th, 2007 · 01:11 PM
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uhhhh. I guess the original sample rate was 48 Khz, so that's why this sounds a little slow. Sorry? I'll try and fix it when I get home.
#3October 17th, 2007 · 09:12 PM
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Like the picking part alot. I would love to hear this with vox!
#4November 6th, 2007 · 03:00 PM
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Yeah, would be better with vox. Sounds like a nice tune though. Sounds a bit messy and mismatch when the guitar and acoustic are playing.
Re-record it, add vox and try to get every in  time a bit better.
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I'll leave it for now though.
Nice tune,
#5November 11th, 2007 · 01:25 PM
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Alright...  This is pretty cool...  Though I have to agree it's a bit messy... and I think a bit noisy....  I think it has some great potential and vocals would be awesome...  Just need to find the right vocals... Hmmm... I might play with this a bit... Anyway, it's in the Battle, so I shall rate...  Most definitely... 

#6November 14th, 2007 · 09:20 AM
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That was good
               From Pink Fashion
#7November 20th, 2007 · 11:13 AM
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On the mix, the acoustic guitar level is way high on the right in one of the sections of the song, if you fix that, the entire mix is gonna be ready to be put in a movie soundtrack. I like the mix over all, it reminds me of being in a western classic, before the final showdown. Yeah!
#8November 27th, 2007 · 02:21 PM
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Not too bad. I like the tune. Not very sure about the lead guitar near the end. Sounds a bit out of time and slightly messy. Would like to hear the full version with vocals!
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