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Drawing January

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Drawing January by James Iarocci

Perfomed by Jovian Flame:
James Iarocci - vocals, bass
John Neiss - guitar, drums
Zach Marzec - keyboard

Recorded and produced by Bradley Burr

Separated in the light somehow,
I navigated the darkness, now I'm lost in the day
I liked it when I was blinder then,
Always taking a left turn when I can't find my way
Waiting for the anything to come
Tired of emptiness and boredom from the nothing in sight
I said 'your kind is bad luck to me'
Staring down this Christmas tree on New Years' Day night

Say it in the way that you best know how
A thousand words of value this page endow
My sense of my direction it fails me
Time and again and again and it's time to go back
To the place where the dream appeared and vanished
So rapidly I wonder if it truly was
Or if the flash of disappointment before my eyes
Were just that
But I'd take it back

Sat for hours in a rocking chair
Just looking, smiling, and talking where the minute hands fly
Acceleration of the time like this
A likely cause to how I'd ever miss you tiptoeing by

It was lost on me
I'm as clueless as you
Assuming that you are clueless too

Draw me the sky, draw me a cloud
Draw me a tree, draw me a sparrow
Draw me a how, draw me a why
Draw me a map, draw me an arrow
If you would please, direct me
To the place with the black caterpillar
Which was stained just as well
On my mind as on my pillow

Standing up with a relenting sigh
I undecided so quickly I can't tell quite how far
I only hear about you secondhand
I'm January the second and know not where you are

If you would please, direct me
To the place with the black caterpillar
Which was stained just as well
On my mind as the back of my hand
All the places we went when we
Truly never went anywhere
All the things that we did when we
Truly never did anything
All the memories we made when I
Truly can't remember a thing
All the words that we said
That we won't be saying forever

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Love your vox on the lower registar, very nice tone.

Sounds you really worked very hard on the arrangement.

The rhythm clashes a bit with the drums, simplify it may be easier on the ear?

Love the change at 4 mins onwards.

Will Rate

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Interesting style,
Like your vocal style , I like it better when it's not so high, your natural voice is beautiful ; The "Say it in the way that you best know how" bit !  
You do say a lot, you put an awful lot of words in a line making it vocally and thus 'overall' a bit quick!

OK! still listening, I really like your style! I really like where you get it, but then from here there are parts that over shoot the mark, namely the high pitched vocal and when you say too much !!! lol
Very nice lyrics too.
If you were to mature/master your high toned vocal part I'd be one of those 'fan' things, you know those things that spin around eternally in your face keeping you cool !
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I agree with Kings... interesting.  The music lacks a bit of clarity to me.  The vox in the chorus are in a good place. Nice and clear.  but the balance between the music and vox are off, in my opinion.  just need to bring the music up a bit.  Yeah, the higher pitched vocal is hard to make out.  Good things the lyrics are posted.  This is a great tune!  The "lower registered" vox are very nice.  I think you should stay in that range if possible.  I could hear this on the radio, easy.  Ben Folds Five'ish.
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