#1September 22nd, 2007 · 10:43 PM
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Accuface-The Rush

This song is not in a battle

I managed to overload my computer with many VST's this week for FL Studio and such. I wanted to see how Pro it could sound so I tried to redo the beginning of this wonderful Accuface song. Just to make sure everyone understands....this is not my original song, just me trying to gain a pro sound through imitating someone elses work! Let me know what you think! Oh and heres a link to the actual song for comparison.                       


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#2September 23rd, 2007 · 06:42 PM
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hi dude, nice to see you going to emulate a pro sound, thats a really good way to start

because this is so short it is really difficult to evalutate the mastering/production work you have done. it is quite 'easy' to widen/excite higher frequencies on synths and things... the real test is in the bottom end (kick, bass, and 'punch').


fat sound, largely due to reverb and/or stereo widening or maybe just the sounds chosen
musically you have done very well to copy the original song


the fade in is not smooth

the main synth line is too boomy in mid range, requires some EQ work
the distant drum loop doesnt sit well in the mix, at all

points for improvement
it is easy to focus on other VST stuff but EQ is a very base thing. pay attention to three things: the EQ on each component - how this sits with the EQ on other components - and the EQ on the final mix.

consider even tho it is sposed to be quiet, tweaking the EQ of that snare/hat loop (or w/e) to give it more presence in the mix while still being 'an intro'.

cut back on the synth volume and use careful compression to fatten the mix back up again. for instance in the original the kick shots have some emphasis, this is lost in your version. compression is very important in dance music.

anyway, if you think I'm talking bollocks then feel free to say - just speaking from experience with mastering for DJs back in my college days

PS. You really need to use automation on (if memory serves me correctly) the  Fruity Filter plugin in FL as a 'sweep' to get that phasing-in sound on the synth for the intro. That is of course another corner stone of this style of music.
#3September 24th, 2007 · 05:15 PM
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You got it sounding VERY fat in any case, good going!
So you going to make a rendition of the rest? It's quite a juicy track!
#4September 24th, 2007 · 08:04 PM
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The main lead needs tweeking. Like the other guy say, EQ should fix the problem, just work on it
#5September 25th, 2007 · 11:35 AM
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Probably not gonna do the rest...
When I first started making this I was just doing it for the fact that I want my music to be somewhat like there sound. So I figured what better way to learn then trying to imitate them. I wasn't really trying to make the whole song lol. But then again, I might try it anyway, it would be quite a challenge though. Thanks for the comments btw....very helpful!
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