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Safe Haven : Concept

This song is not in a battle

CONTEXT: This track is intended to have a medieval/fantasy vibe to it; my purpose is to create the 'home town' music for within a 2D fantasy game in the style of final fantasy or zelda.

BACKGROUND: An old friend of mine from the states told me a while ago he was gonna give up his current vocation of database programmer to take up game development as a career.

I got an email the other day telling me that he was looking to develop a new simple RPG 'final fantasy style' for PC and possibly Xbox 360; with a small team - and he'd like me to write the music to it.

The game is likely to not surface for some time. However this tune came to me at work and I just had to record it when I got home (we all know what this is like).

Now please go easy on this one because it is a conceptual track (whence the length). The melody I spent alot of time tweaking until I was happy with it. For those that want to know, the components are as below. All instruments are  MIDI / Synths of various types. The track was also mastered.

Solo Viola
Nylon string guitar
Warm Cello Section
Contrabass Section
Deep floor tom

Please give me any feedback you can; if you guys like this I will finish it and forward it for inclusion in the game.

Thank you all.

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#2September 2nd, 2007 · 03:42 PM
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Lovely melody, you have certainly got the medieval feel to it.

Great production, nice sound.

I'm not sure about the snare, it's sort of too harsh for the lovely melody, perhaps a softer snare or a medeival sounding drum.

Congrates on the Xbox360 job.


#3September 2nd, 2007 · 04:08 PM
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very nice, i know its conceptual but i'll go over everything i think of even tho youve probably already mused over it and thought of it already.

 i wouldnt say the snare drum is medieval. i mean it suits, but it feels like im going in to battle, depends what the game is about i suppose.

 The melodys are very nice and i can imagine them in an rpg very well.

 You could try changing the nylon guitar to harp, might be more authentic.

 The initial melody is very memorable which is good, but the melody in the second part isnt as memorable. its a good idea to have two memorable melody lines (in the same style) so the first memorable one isnt the only thing people notice (and these people will be playing and listening to these melodys for hours! so you want something that wont get tiring after 1 hour).
 i dont know if any of that made any sense.

 one more thing, its gonna be looped, so u want the end to blend in nicely with the start.

nice arrangment
#4September 2nd, 2007 · 05:10 PM
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Nice work here Dave
Good luck with this for the Xbox 360
Nice arrangement of all the instruments
well balanced


Will Rate ( And Waiting for the completed version also )
#5September 2nd, 2007 · 07:43 PM
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This is awesome for video game type music.  I hear stuff not nearly as good on some of the games ive played.  Great production!  Everything is as clear as a bell.  Im very impressed!  ill vote!
#6September 3rd, 2007 · 03:54 AM
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Very clear indeed.The snare roll is a bit distracting,maybe lessen the amount of times is used.But other than that I think your goal has been achieved!Ian has a  good point  about the melodie,s hooks are important including for video games!
Good job!
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